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Madeleine. A sophisticated traditional taste for kitchen and livingroom.

Madeleine. A sophisticated traditional taste for kitchen and livingroom.

Elegant, solid and reassuring like the kitchens of bygone days

Classic, simple, romantically characterized by unprecedented details adorn this kitchen from the Scavolini Basic line: model-specific hood with niche and decoration (linear or corner), accessories marked by a retro style (hooks and accessory bar), bread hutch element, midway accessories with an exclusive design, and open-fronted end elements.
Creating a kitchen setting that cannot go unnoticed.

Scavolini Basic's "Madeleine" revolutionizes its appeal presenting itself in two versions, Line and Soft doors.

The more romantic aspect of Madeleine kitchen

Frame door with arched-top panel and curved base units that recall the reassuring balance of classic style. Three colours are available for “Soft” line: Butter White Ash, Italian Walnut and Chestnut, to customise the room at the heart of every home ant to create a setting capable of rousing emotions.

Delightful bread hutches in Butter White Ash wood finish, to be combined solely with the base units (even H. 91): these elements are designed to bring family warmth into the kitchen. The same style for the cup handle, which is only available in Antique gold finish. The open-fronted midway elements, accessorised and the same colour as the kitchen, are portrayed here in the free-standing version and they liaise harmoniously with the large, exclusive sink in natural-coloured Grain. Last but not least, the base units with baskets, which have been embellished with fused glass and relief decorations, lighten up the composition and constitute delicate decorative elements.

A striking design for a kitchen with a contemporary classic style

The “Line” version of Madeleine features the raised central panel matched with the squared frame. 

For this version too, three veneers are available in the following colours: Butter White Ash, Italian Walnut and Chestnut.

Original details for a sophisticated style as decorations and midway accessories (Ritmica range), a new hood wall unit (W. 90 cm), curved end doors for the base units and the Oriental laminate top. 

The curved base unit is a gentle restyling of the Walnut version of Madeleine. The wooden grids, the chimney-shaped hood, the classic decorative elements on the fronts lend this kitchen charme.

A contemporary classic with the central island that turns the kitchen into an enjoyable place for sociability.

The sophistication of Italian tradition also in the living room

A classic style, with soft geometric shapes, also denotes the Madeleine living room with class, a setting that gives warmth to the house.  

Precious decorations, exclusive design, refined simplicity to decor the room where the family gathers.

Design & Style
Madeleine. A sophisticated traditional taste for kitchen and livingroom.