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And then there was light!

And then there was light!

High-tech materials, energy efficiency and styling research: an overview of domestic lighting, from the kitchen to the bathroom.

Light affects our well-being and our mood. Even at home, it accommodates the needs of both body and mind, while contributing towards making everyday life more enjoyable. With the 30th edition of Euroluce as part of the Salone del Mobile in Milan just recently having finished, let’s look at how home lighting is becoming more and more integrated and smart, and how it satisfies - with efficiency and superior styling quality - the need to enjoy domestic spaces with eco-sustainable solutions and light sources that afford comfort and relaxation.


The shapes of light

In the kitchen, the various lights contribute towards lighting up the main areas of the room.

A suspension lamp with LED lighting placed above the table offers visual comfort for the dining area. This solution is ideally combined with protruding spotlights for instance placed above the wall units to emphasise the shapes and facilitate all your preparation, washing and cooking tasks.

Spotlights provide powerful direct light and they can also be inserted on the underside of the wall units along their full length: this functional and styling solution is applied in the DeLinea solution, making your task easier while lending elegance to the room.

Illuminated cooking

For a professional kitchen like Mia by Carlo Cracco a fundamental must-have is the hood, which in this case not only performs its primary role of extracting, but also provides vital lighting. Two technologies come together to accommodate the need to build a workshop for preparing meals at the hob, because it is in the details that genuine chefs show their true colours! The illuminated hood also constitutes a styling element that adds atmosphere and embellishes the domestic architectural space.

Time for playing and relaxing

Soft atmospheres and emotions: these are the distinguishing features of two living room lighting systems. The Motus model, which with its composition opportunities means truly unique creative and functional solutions are possible, provides a space devised for the perfect merger of private and domestic with the TV backlighting system that fosters intimacy, relaxation and a warm welcome. In the LiberaMente configuration (in the above photo), the “Fluida” Wall System, with Delhi Oleomalta sliding fronts and Coffee Oak veneered wall panels, is equipped with Show LED lighting under the shelves to create extraordinary games of lights and shadows.

Elements on show

Light contributes towards emphasising specific areas or individual elements in a room. In the industrial-feel Diesel Open Workshop proposal, characterised by dark tones and warm hues, the display cabinet, presented in the same materials as the entire composition, is embellished by the internal vertical Velo LED light which, thanks also to the detail of the smoked glass, creates a highly elegant visual effect.

Space for life

Lighting is part and parcel of bathroom furniture too, to create brighter and bigger settings. The suspension lamps that cross through the storage shelf light up the characteristic white containers of the Qi project. The shelves are topped with mirrors with LED back lighting which with their well-devised games of light contribute towards creating a soft and elegant atmosphere.

Games of light and mirrors

The place for pampering and beauty needs tools devised to make these activities easier and impeccable. Light is therefore vital, as are mirrors, also owing to the styling value. Striking models include the round Lunar mirror shaped like a full moon, and the rectangular version, Square Lunar, which are both fitted with LED lighting to give your bathroom character and significance.

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And then there was light!