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Bathroom shelves

Bathroom shelves

Some wall-mounted shelving ideas for your bathroom

Given the hectic pace of modern life, when we need to take a break, we often find refuge in the bathroom, perhaps as a reminder to take care of ourselves. Besides, this is where our day begins and ends, where we set aside some precious time for our beauty routine: have you ever noticed how much easier it is to have time for your skincare in a well-organised setting? Luckily, you can rely on our storage shelves to keep your bathroom fashionable, neat and tidy: the photos below speak for themselves!

Wall-mounted shelves

Whether you have a vast collection of cosmetics or only the bare essentials, Scavolini bathroom shelves offer efficient organisation for all your face and body pamper products. Indeed, thanks to the various sizes and configurations available, you can pick out the shelves which best suit your needs and the available bathroom space, freeing up the floor and making the most of the wall to keep everything in place.


In addition to their flawless functionality, wall-mounted shelves boast a modern and minimalist design, blending in harmoniously with any type of interior décor. Allow your personal taste to inspire you, opting for shelves in thin sheet steel, with ceiling-mounted tie rods or without, or even for shelves with a frame and glass or decorative melamine shelves

Shelves with a towel rail

Imagine getting up in the morning and finding everything you need exactly where you had left it. Thanks to the customisation possibilities, bathroom shelves offer a versatile solution to arrange your creams, potions and hair accessories, and even your towels: in fact, what do you think of installing a shelf with a towel rail?   The structure is certainly devised to withstand the weight of your toiletries, providing the proper support.

Thanks to Scavolini’s bathroom shelves, you can say goodbye to the frantic search for the right product and focus on what matters most: looking after yourself.

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Bathroom shelves