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Classic bathrooms, furnishing at the highest standard

Classic bathrooms, furnishing at the highest standard

What are the examples to follow to create a classic style bathroom.

Sinuous shapes, beautiful light fittings, sophisticated colour schemes and decorative brushstrokes create classic bathrooms of pure elegance. They become universes of grace and harmony, finding perfectly balanced combinations and the right choices of style because, as the famous interior decorator Dorothy Draper used to say, “it is just as disastrous to have the wrong accessories in your room, as it is to wear sport shoes with an evening dress.”

Black that offers light

There is nothing more fascinating than black, a colour that lends a timeless charm to every room. You can use it for the washbasin and the bathroom cabinet, as well as for the sanitary ware and the bath.
To prevent the dark colour from making the room too gloomy, you can brighten it up with Silver details that embellish the Baltimora solution. The same applies to the large mirror, the sophisticated two-way mixers and the handles in Chrome-finish metal that lighten the overall effect. 

Or you can multiply the reflections of light with the Slate Black glossy lacquer, the chrome-finish profiles, the brightness of the Swarovski™ crystals and glamorous finishes like the Silver Leaf which give a striking visual statement.
Here with the Magnifica bathroom furnishing solutions!

Charm that embraces

Look at this Baltimora composition: doesn’t it seem fitting that “beige is atmosphere. Is ivory, is cream, is stone, is toast, is cappuccino. Is magic”?

This nuance, described so well by Albert Hadley, can be used to furnish classic bathrooms and create an extremely welcoming atmosphere.
To give the solution a more exclusive charm, you can add gold details like the mirror with elegant gold-finish cornice and the precious taps.

Classic in a contemporary style

Soft curves and sinuous lines create retro-style atmospheres restyled with a contemporary twist, offering different settings. The Baltimora bathroom with curved end elements reflects a timeless classic in which high-end materials such as the Oak wood of the cabinet and the Santa Cecilia marble of the top with built-in washbasin, all adorned with refined elements like the Jolie lamps. 

More focused towards a modern mood, the wall-mounted composition with Magnifica rounded shapes in Prestige White glossy lacquer with a double oval-shaped washbasin and enriched by the presence of lavish wall lamps with crystal beads.

Find out more about the Baltimora and Magnifica solutions and contact our dealers for your dream composition!

Classic bathrooms, furnishing at the highest standard