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Consuming Less in the Kitchen

Consuming Less in the Kitchen

Hints for a responsible lifestyle

In manufacturing a kitchen, Scavolini uses the best possible technology available to reduce environmental impact

Try not to put hot products into the refrigerator and freezer. They require greater power to cool and therefore increase energy consumption.

You too, in your daily use of it, can do a great deal to limit pollution and protect the environment. Here is a little fundamental advice to achieve this result.

8 things to do

1) Try to choose high energy efficiency electrical appliances. It will be an investment that will result in significant economic and energy savings;

2) try not to put hot products into the refrigerator and freezer, as they require greater power to cool and therefore increase energy consumption;

3) for foods requiring lengthy cooking times, use a pressure cooker as it can reduce cook time and therefore save energy;

4) only turn the oven on when it is needed, without overdoing it on the pre-heating. Do not open the door if not necessary, as this causes heat to disperse;

5) always turn the television (or other similar appliances) off using the main button, as these appliances continue to consume energy even when on stand-by;

6) use the hood appropriately and adjust its speed according to the required use;

7) use heating and cooling only if necessary and regulate thermostats appropriately. When operating, remember to close the windows;

8) when cooking, bring water to the boil by covering the saucepan with a lid: you will save time and energy.

3 things not to do

1) Do not frequently open the refrigerator and freezer doors nor leave them open for too long, as this causes food to overheat and, consequently, results in greater consumption;

2) do not overfill refrigerator compartments as this may inhibit perfect cooling;

3) do not turn the hot tap on for a few seconds: even if the hot water does not reach the tap, the boiler may nevertheless activate.
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Consuming Less in the Kitchen