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Dandy Plus, the bathroom with something extra

Dandy Plus, the bathroom with something extra

High-tech, interactive, smart: bathroom furniture with all the advantages to accommodate the need for contemporary lifestyles.

Breaking the mould in an increasingly digital, inter-connected world. This is the innovative spirit at the heart of Dandy Plus, the latest model that brings the voice of Alex to bathroom furniture along with the expressive allure of a design marked by soft curves, unprecedented textures and a palette of bright colours. Hold on tight: let the journey to the future of design begin!

More technology

You’re in the bathroom, shaving or putting your make-up on, in the shower or bathtub. But you’re not alone. Alexa, the smart personal assistant developed by Amazon, is right there beside you. Where? In the Task Bar, the midway unit bar fitted with the device for voice-activating the home automation functions in your home. You can listen to music, send a voice message and manage several systems, while you’re busy focusing on your appearance. Simply ask your special ally!


The Task Bar is not a simple support, and it is worth spending a little more time covering its fundamental presence in the Dandy Plus bathroom: the length of the silver finish aluminium bar is variable, and the ends consist of special rounded profiles; it can be equipped with storage shelves, towel rails, a toilet roll holder and a light recessed along the entire length.
The Task Bar also features round slots framed by recycled plastic rings, which host power outlets and USB ports.

More modularity

The designer Fabio Novembre didn’t just reinterpret the historic Dandy model from the Eighties. With the Dandy Plus bathroom, he imagined a renewed role for the wet room, which would accommodate the new “social” lifestyles of modern-day men and women.
For greater comfort and sophisticated styling in keeping with the latest trends, a new vanity unit modularity was introduced, with doors available either glossy or matt lacquered, in Fenix NTM® or in decorative melamine. Offering stylistic interpretations that embrace a multitude of domestic styles.

More customisation

In terms of aesthetics, the distinguishing feature of Dandy Plus is the bridge element, which is available in White Plus or Grey Plus laminate, that designs the bathroom and defines the profile of the vanity units, making its personality immediately recognisable.

The exact same styling trait can be found in the Alice mirrors, a wonderful model devised for insertion in the Dandy Plus bathroom to act as a container and with built-in lighting, and the Liz mirror, with rounded perimeter edging, and the other accessories to supplement the bathroom furniture.

More colour

There’s plenty of colour in the Dandy Plus bathroom, and it’s quite clear! The finishes are lively and mesmerising: Coral Red, Mustard Yellow, Agave Blue, Prestige White, Slate Black, as well as Aluminium and Bronze only for the handles in painted recycled plastic.

The handles have been embellished by a pop texture made up of small bubbles which generate enjoyable tactile sensations and disappear progressively towards the edging.

The flat horizontal recessed grip profiles can be ordered in aluminium, painted white and bronze, matt black anodised and silver finish, or glossy or matt lacquered.

A highly appealing detail that’s open to customisation: the handles can be combined with the colours of the mixer levers and controls on the open-fronted wall units and vanity units.

With Dandy Plus, you can enjoy a bathroom that’s altogether contemporary and connected.

If you want a project that’s customised down to the smallest detail, contact a Scavolini store: find your nearest dealer.

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Dandy Plus, the bathroom with something extra