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Exclusive living room furnishings

Exclusive living room furnishings

New shaped elements for dynamic styling

Flux Swing, the latest new Scavolini model designed by Giugiaro Design, offers the perfect rapport between the  living room and the kitchen, where the volumes, proportions and shapes coexist in a perfect balance. 

Over recent years, interior design and styling trends have preferred open-plan settings by far: all the boundaries between the two most exploited rooms in the home have been knocked down, to leave room for open, multi-functional settings, where the kitchen and living room blend into one. With the Flux Swing range, the living room becomes a natural extension of the kitchen, mirroring its shapes, colours and finishes.
Here are all the latest features introduced with this new model for living area furnishings.


The Slide tape-like element was in fact devised to create total harmony between the kitchen and the living area.

Its sculptural appeal designs an unprecedented sliding effect which slopes down from the wall units and embraces the living room base units, repeating the silhouette of the peninsula and end units with slanted doors: a distinguishing feature of the Flux Swing living area for contemporary spatial configuration.

Door with shaped profile

The linearity of the base units in the living room furnishings is broken up and enhanced by doors with an exclusive shaped profile (both to the left and right), which mark the space rhythmically in keeping and balance with the details of the model, while remaining independent living room solutions.  

The height of the Flux Swing shaped door varies between 36.5 cm and 51 cm.

Base units with curved front

Wall-mounted or floor-standing living room units with modules designed to store and organise objects, audio-video apparel or books.

A distinguishing feature of the Flux Swing model of living room furnishings with an individual style are the exclusive curved fronts that enhance the uber-modern and sophisticated design.

For the lower pull-out basket in the curved base units, the handle is recessed into the front: an elegant detail in a model available without handles.

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Exclusive living room furnishings