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Furnishing the bathroom: here’s how you can organise the space

Furnishing the bathroom: here’s how you can organise the space

Designing the bathroom is an art with no more secrets! All the tips for a meticulous environment.

Furnishing the bathroom, organising the laundry area and finding the right balance between functionality and aesthetics is a painstaking task that can offer a great deal of satisfaction. All you need to know are the “essential” steps to follow and designing your bathroom will become an exciting game of matching up and customised combinations! Let’s have a closer look at how to create a cosy, front-page setting.

An elegant glimpse

Effectively designing the bathroom entails making many decisions: organising the spaces, evaluating the functionality and choosing the style, to name just the main ones.
The layout and organisation of furnishing elements, whether large or small, allows you to create an elegant and tidy setting.


This is always a worthwhile target in design, but even more so for the bath area, where cleanliness should be the focus from the very first step, as soon as you open the bathroom door.


This is why sanitary ware, especially the WC and bidet, should not be immediately visible, particularly because of the idea of intimacy and privacy that they convey. What to put in plain view? The washbasin unit in the foreground, or the shower or bathtub, to create a relaxing atmosphere right from the beginning. After all, even in the bathroom appearances matter!

Indispensable accessories

When completing and furnishing the bathroom , it is important to consider the lighting. There are different lights, such as the one that is indispensable for the room and any additional ones, like those built in the mirror. The latter ones act as additional light points and so do not provide adequate support on their own.


The beauty room can be functional with the indispensable accessories designed to make every bathroom uniquely efficient. Laundry Space offers many solutions to optimise the laundry area, creating a harmonious and stylish setting: laundry unit baskets, shelves and accessory bars or towel rails, drawer units with wheels to be positioned freely, clothes rack hooks, multifunctional units that house a pull-out or concealed ironing board and much, much more. The possibilities for designing your ideal bathroom are endless!

Watch out for the height

How wonderful it is to furnish the bathroom inspired by magazines and photos on the Internet! Yet design is not always a simple process because it is closely linked to the features of the room and to the position of the pipes, which are essential in this environment.


Let’s start, for example, with the washbasin unit: a “multifunctional” and highly customisable piece of furniture, for which you can choose different door and extra deep drawer opening solutions, as well as numerous models of washbasin. There are a number of different washbasin options for the bathroom: built-in, semi-inset or sit-on on top of the unit. Depending on the model chosen, the unit that houses it will also be installed at a specific height to fulfil its function in the best possible way: the position of the unit is calculated from the “water line” (at approximately 85 cm from the ground) and taking into account the preferences of those who will use it every day.

A unit with built-in washbasin will not have the same position as a sit-on washbasin. If you design your bathroom with a sit-on washbasin, the top will almost always be dry and can hold items that should not get wet. Here the sit-on surface will be lower than in other solutions, so that the washbasin can be placed at the right height. On the other hand, the unit will be positioned higher so that the built-in or semi-inset washbasin can be used properly.


Depending on the size of the room, the openings of the washbasin unit and shower also need to be considered so that they don’t obstruct the passage: the doors can be hinged or sliding, while the drawers must open in the opposite direction to the unit. What makes the difference is whether or not you want to use drawers or doors, as these two types take up different amounts of space and have specific functions. When choosing the baskets, you should also bear in mind that the contents are visible from above and, more often than not, from the side or front as well. With these furnishings, organisers and containers come to the rescue to keep everything neat and tidy!

How have you decided to furnish your bathroom? Visit an authorised dealer to find out more about all Scavolini’s solutions!

Furnishing the bathroom: here’s how you can organise the space