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Hi-tech solutions in the kitchen

Hi-tech solutions in the kitchen

6 ideas from the future to enjoy your kitchen smartly.

Who has never had to ask for help at the hob? After all, even if the magical Wanda, from the fun new TV series WandaVision, needs help in the kitchen, then all that’s left for us to do is to resort to technology to prepare delicious home-made titbits. Here are 6 ideas for a 2021 hi-tech kitchen to enjoy sociability smartly. Warning: you won’t be able to do without them!

1. Multi-tasking technology

One of the solutions of the kitchens of the future that we will soon not be able to live without is the practicality of attaching appliances, utensils, kitchen roll holder and spice rack in the same place and without having to drill holes in the wall, so as to hide away cables and connections behind a practical multi-functional bar. All this is already a reality thanks to Dandy Plus: the midway “Task-Bar” houses electrical connections, utensil hooks and storage shelves, combining technology with functionality. This convenience is also available for a bathroom that will make planning your furniture decidedly easier!

2. Smart furniture

Hi-tech furniture designed for smart management of space is the result of the merger between technology and creativity. “Switch” cupboards are designed to store appliances both large and small, and fit in with minimal, impeccable furniture. Up to 4 large appliances can be housed, as well as a practical sliding worktop.

To enhance the value of small appliances and strategically manage confined spaces, the “MIA by Carlo Cracco” glass fronted larder units are the ideal furnishing solution: made with prized materials, they feature an elegant steel and clear Stopsol glass front, which gives you a glimpse of what’s inside. These glass fronted units are made even more special by the appliance connections which have been concealed strategically: goodbye bulky worktops!

3. Within easy reach, even while seated

Another example of hidden technology, a must-have in any state-of-the-art kitchen, is the pull-out worktop: whether this is a concealed table, like the ones in BoxLife kitchens, or the practical chopping board in the “MIA” kitchen, hidden underneath the worktop as an addition to the chopping area. The additional chopping board has a hole for food waste, and a professional knife rack. These solutions can also be combined with the Utility system, to expand the work surfaces and enjoy the kitchen comfortably from a seated position or while in a wheelchair.

4. Motorised mechanisms

To open and close compartments, customers can pick motorised solutions, which make the functions in the kitchen and throughout the home easier. Thanks to these facilitated mechanisms, doors and drawers can be opened and closed with ease, transforming the versatile settings of BoxLife in an instant: cabinets, beds and furniture can be converted by exploiting an innovative automated mechanism. In the bedrooms, double beds, single beds and bunk beds - with motorised or manual opening - generate enjoyable sensations and the cabinets are enhanced by an internal lighting system that creates highly effective domestic atmospheres.

To reach the highest shelves conveniently, the “Selfmotion” system provides a must-have practicality thanks to the motorised lowering of the wall unit contents: during movement, the bars of each basket guarantee the utmost stability of the contents. A unique way to have everything under control at all times!

5. Smart appliances

In our homes, magic isn’t necessary when there are appliances which make it easier to prepare dishes. Some examples? With Dandy Plus, the wireless charger from the “Extra” series can be recessed into the worktop, leaving cables and sockets hidden in the cabinet, but always available for charging your wireless devices without needing to use manual chargers. The latest-generation concealed hoods can be recessed into the worktop, to work on the cooking area up-close. And what can we say about the intriguing convenience of wi-fi operated appliances? Ovens, dishwashers, washing machines, and much more can be operated from your smartphone or tablet for home automation at your fingertips! Sometimes, the perfect comfortable and functional kitchen stands out for its invisible details!

6. The right temperature

Secrets borrowed from professional kitchens are always extremely appealing, especially if they meet needs which had been impossible to accommodate to date, such as needing to keep several dishes warm at the same time. The food-warming lamp is now within easy reach of household kitchens too. This is a must-have piece of innovative technology in the kitchen: the lamp is available with “MIA” kitchens and can be ceiling-mounted or fitted on the wall with the Line System wall panelling system. And lovers of good wine will appreciate the domestic wine cellars that guarantee the right storage temperature on each shelf. They can be installed visible or concealed, as in the case of the solutions hidden away inside the stylish “Switch” cupboards.


Which of these hi-tech solutions have already got you hooked? Find out more at Scavolini dealers!

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Hi-tech solutions in the kitchen