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How to brighten up a blind bathroom

How to brighten up a blind bathroom

Here are some tips for furnishing a windowless bathroom!

When purchasing or refurbishing your home, did you have to compromise and make do with a blind family bathroom? To make the best of an extra room without any windows, did you create a utility bathroom? Tackling how to furnish a blind bathroom may seem like a tough challenge, but it is in no way unsurmountable: in this article, we’ve put together some ideas to make your windowless bathroom both beautiful and welcoming.

What is a blind bathroom?

Let’s start from the beginning: what exactly is a blind bathroom? Without any windows, a blind bathroom often has a necessary/mandatory configuration to optimise the use of domestic spaces, especially in urban settings where the floor plan can be limited/restrictive. Indeed, according to Italian construction regulations, every room in the home should have a window in it, but the bathroom is one of the few exceptions permitted, provided an air ventilation or exchange system is fitted to keep the room healthy.

How to light a windowless bathroom

Despite the lack of natural light, a blind bathroom can still prove extremely functional and, if designed carefully, it can even enhance the commercial value of the property: if you live with your family and/or are used to having guests and family stay with you, you know full well how having a second bathroom is a significant advantage, offering greater convenience and reducing ‘conflict’ for bathroom occupancy.


Now, how do you compensate for the lack of natural light with well-devised artificial light?

If you have a small bathroom, the ideal choice would be to fit wall lamps, designed to create a soft ambiance, similar to that of a spa. If you have a false ceiling, you can even fit it with spotlights, which are extremely on-trend in modern bathrooms

You certainly cannot underestimate the lighting of the bathroom mirror, your number one ally for all your day-to-day activities requiring good visibility, such as shaving or applying make-up: in this case too, fit wall lamps or even a LED light above the mirror.

Colours for a windowless bathroom

As regards colours and tiles, it is essential that you select shades and materials capable of reflecting and amplifying the available light. Reflective surfaces such as glass, mirror and glossy and polished finishes are the ideal choice for a blind bathroom, as they contribute to making the room appear bright and visibly larger. What do you think of white or neutral coloured bathroom cabinets? They’ll create a sense of spaciousness, making the entire space beautiful and harmonious.

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How to brighten up a blind bathroom