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How to choose your kitchen plinths

How to choose your kitchen plinths

Are kitchen all plinths the same?

Do you already have your dream kitchen all laid out? We’re certain you will have already imagined every single detail, from the furniture to the finishes, but perhaps there’s one element you might not have thought of yet: the kitchen plinth. Did you know they came in various models? Indeed, not only does the kitchen plinth have a protective and functional role, it also helps keep dust at bay and make maximum use of space all the way to the ground, with a remarkable effect on the aesthetic end result of the kitchen composition, by highlighting it. Let’s look at some solutions together!

Various heights

The kitchen plinth is simply the “filler strip” which covers the lower part of the kitchen composition, so its height depends essentially on how tall the cabinets are. The choice of centimetres plays a decisive role in defining the interior décor style: the lower the plinth, the more contemporary the vibe.

In combination/in contrast

As details truly do make a difference, kitchen plinths can equally have a strong scenic impact, becoming the linking or distinctive element between modules: need an example? The DeLinea model has brass finishes as the leitmotif of the entire composition, and they create the perfect combination between the vertical recessed grip profiles of the larder unit, the handle grip and the 7 cm high plinth.

Various materials

As regards the materials used to make the kitchen plinth, you truly are spoiled for choice. A must-have in a modern living room is definitely the aluminium plinth: the Motus collection offers it in the smooth, painted or satin finish effect, interpreting the contemporary mood of base and wall units to perfection.

Are you more of a romantic, nostalgic for times gone by? Plinths in classic kitchens are visibly higher and usually available in the same finishes as the cabinets, or in any case similar to them: the Madeleine collection expresses these concepts to perfection.

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How to choose your kitchen plinths