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How to clad your bathroom walls

How to clad your bathroom walls

Bathrooms require a choice of wall cladding that’s spot-on

What with last-minute showers and long hot soaks in the tub, the bathroom wins the title of most humid room in the home. This is one of the main reasons why it is essential to clad the bathroom walls specifically to protect it from steam, preventing the formation of mould and mildew and furniture from being damaged, and the resulting costly repairs. So how do you clad your bathroom walls? Here are some ideas!

Bathroom tiles

What kind of bathroom would it be without tiles? When it comes to bathroom cladding, tiles are definitely a classic solution, although that doesn’t mean they are out of fashion: indeed, the market offers up a host of different tile materials and shapes, so you can let loose with eccentric decorations or monochrome surfaces with a smooth or textured finish.


In addition to enhancing the value of your bathroom design, covering the walls makes routine cleaning simpler and faster: imagine easily wiping off stains and drops of water with a cloth, without having to worry about damaging the cladding, heaven!

Bathroom without tiles

If you want to clad the walls of your bathroom without tiles, an excellent alternative are paints, resin and wallpaper: they are water-repellent, designed to stand the test of time and available in a myriad finishes and patterns, allowing you to furnish a modern bathroom with smooth, seamless surfaces.

Have you ever considered protecting the walls with wall panels? A very fashionable accessory in contemporary bathrooms, equipped wall panels not only protect from water spray, but they also provide shelves and hooks to organise/hang your essential toiletries, including cleansers, perfumes and clean towels. Here is for instance the Line System available in the Miko bathroom model for the washbasin vanity area: a classy look, wouldn’t you agree?

By choosing the right materials and ensuring it is correctly installed, you can create a wow-effect bathroom that’s humidity-proof, easy to clean and ultimately a gem in your home. Contact our dealers for a project!

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How to clad your bathroom walls