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How to cover your bathroom walls

How to cover your bathroom walls

Top coverings such as ceramic tiles, innovative materials and creative solutions.


From small-size tiles to large and extra large ones, without forgetting mosaics and even wallpaper. There is a broad and varied offering to cover your bathroom walls. Starting with ceramic tiles, made of one of the most suitable materials, and ending up with more creative solutions, here’s how to choose.

Ceramic first and foremost

Porcelain stoneware is a very popular material, owing to its technical performance levels and to the endless stylistic solutions that can accommodate specific tastes and requirements. It guarantees outstanding performance levels; it is suitable for all indoor settings, on floors and on walls, as well as on bathroom vanity tops and kitchen worktops. It is compact and waterproof, which means it is perfect for application in damp settings. These days, this modern material is also available enamelled in a broad range of colours and finishes.

Chromatic Choices

The chromatic choice of ceramic wall tiles can mirror the colour of the furnishings, as in this beguiling total white offering that reveals the various heights of the storage elements. The walls and the floor come together with the choice of Prestige White Matt Lacquered and Motley Quarz top for the units in the Diesel Open Workshop collection.

Small tesserae of style

Mosaics, whose origins are age-old, have over time progressed considerably, both in terms of the materials used, as well as in the processing method. The advantage of mosaics is that they are durable and maintenance is easy. There are various materials of mosaic tesserae (glass, stone, marble and stoneware) which can be put together to compose highly effective decorative patterns, for instance to emphasise a particular section of a wall. Moreover, mosaics are ideal for covering tough spots, curved walls, but also bathtubs and washbasins.

The place for well-being

Wall panelling is a decoration made with wooden panels applied onto the wall. Using it in a bathroom makes it possible to create a comfort zone in the home, set aside for well-being and relaxation. In this composition of Qi by Nendo the wall panelling, situated behind the mirrors in Kuuki Elm Decorative Melamine, boasts pale shades in keeping with the other furnishing elements, vanity units, shelves and wall-mounted cabinet, making the room even more welcoming and comfortable.

High resistance styling

Wallpaper is a wall covering that is enjoying a major come-back, even in the bathroom. Today, there are models available that have been designed to withstand moisture and direct contact with water; they are made of technical fabrics, such as fibreglass, meaning they can even be applied inside a shower enclosure or above a bathtub. There are multiple patterns to choose from, which can even be customised; the important thing is to choose according to the style of your bathroom. In the Magnifica furniture collection, both the pattern and the colour of the wallpaper emphasise the refined elegance and déco style of the Airforce Blue matt lacquered composition.

Colours and materials
How to cover your bathroom walls