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How to create a gym in your bathroom: project Gym Space

How to create a gym in your bathroom: project Gym Space

The Gym Space collection interprets the new concept of wellness, incorporating a gym into your bathroom

Wouldn’t you like to work out in the comfort of your own home? With project Gym Space, designed by Mattia Pareschi, you can say goodbye to your gym membership: by incorporating fitness equipment into the typical elements of bathroom furniture, the collection accommodates and combines personal care with physical well-being. Let’s browse all the equipment envisaged together!

For an active lifestyle, without losing sight of Italian design

Gym Space is truly an innovative concept of wellness that accommodates contemporary domestic requirements: how many times have you had to give your weights training a miss because you got held up at work? Thanks to the Gymnastics Wall Bars, which constitute the heart of the project, you’ll be able to work out whenever you want to, directly in your home bathroom.


Indeed, this piece of gym equipment has been skilfully restyled and has been turned into a base onto which additional sports equipment can be attached, such as a bench or traction bar. How many sit-ups will you manage?

Not just for fitness fanatics

Although the fitness corner, which can be customised with the most functional accessories for your training, is the gemstone of this particular collection, please note that Gym Space also accommodates those customers who prefer to focus on their skincare. Indeed, the project furnishes the entire bathroom in an organised fashion, with the gymnastics wall bars acting as a wall onto which essential body care accessories are attached, including shelves and free-standing storage elements, which are ideal for storing your cosmetics and toiletries, towel rails, a mirror and lamps, held in place with a chrome-finish clip.

In short, customising your bathroom is a genuine pleasure with Gym Space, and not just for fitness addicts. Create your perfect corner of well-being with the help of our dealers!

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How to create a gym in your bathroom: project Gym Space