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How to furnish a modern living room

How to furnish a modern living room

Contemporary, functional, designer, modern style living room furniture creates the right atmosphere and enriches the house with elegant and flexible solutions.

The modern living room is the home environment that more than any other makes you feel at ease, where there are no rigid or static structures, only compositions to be interpreted and modelled. You can choose to furnish it with storage units, equipped walls, shelves and bookcases. Let’s discover a few types of configuration for the living room space together.


Functionality clads style with harmony

The “Fluida” Wall System allows you to let your imagination run wild and furnish a modern living room as you so desire.

In this living room composition of the LiberaMente project, focus is on the creation of an equipped wall with Delhi Oleomalta sliding fronts which create ever new configurations due to the possibility of moving them around, while the wall panels are in veneered Coffee Oak. With a pleasant surprise under the shelves: Show LED lighting with unique scenic effects and unexpected light points.


Minimal and metropolitan style

You can create minimal style solutions for metropolitan environments with the wall-mounted modules that can be composed according to your tastes and needs.

In this Mood modern living room configuration, the Ice matt lacquered slanted doors are combined with White metal open-fronted wall units. The result is a wall that stands out for the softness of the lines and the vibrancy of the finishes.


Harmony of styles and solutions

The intimate relationship with objects, the emotion of touching elements that offer simplicity and style in return. This is the principle of contemporary solutions that enables one’s own private space to be customised and enhanced.

The colour that paints the living room

Furnish with vivid colours, bright finishes, intense colour variants. A way to customise the modern living room based on the colour of your house and your tastes.

You can create unique and unrepeatable compositions freely, with empty and full modules in the colours and finishes that match the rest of your house for an amazing total look.


How to furnish a modern living room