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How to make your home feel welcoming

How to make your home feel welcoming

Furnishings tailored for relaxation: the cosy style

When you come back home after a long day at work, you have no greater desire than to shut away all your stress outside the front door and take refuge in an atmosphere which invites you to rest and relax. But how do you furnish your home in a cosy style? From the colours to the fabrics and the materials, let us discover together a few tips on how to furnish your living room to make it attractive and welcoming.

Relaxing colours

To create a relaxing atmosphere, the most appropriate tones are pale ones, like the colours of the natural world: do we not perhaps sometimes find shelter in the mountains or by the sea to relieve the stress of our daily lives? This is why beige, light grey, dove grey, custard, sky blue are also suitable for domestic walls, as they transmit a sense of calm. Certainly you can also add a splash of colour by taking advantage of pastel hues such as sage green or dust blue.

Soft fabrics

Fabrics too play a key role in cosy styling. You should choose a material that gives a sense of substance and a soft texture, such as velvet for sofas or armchairs, wool for the living room sofa blanket and natural cotton for bedroom curtains, which gently filter the light. Imagine yourself wrapped up in a woollen blanket whilst it is raining outside, with a cup of hot tea in your hands and a good book, or perhaps comfortably settled in the sofa caressed by a gentle summer breeze drifting in through the window: don’t you feel better already?

Cosy materials

For materials for furniture in the kitchen and living room, our thoughts favour a natural look: wood effect, stone, marble are not just nice to look at, but they add a sense of warmth and comfort. Think about a table for example: it is not just a simple item of matching furniture, but rather an invitation to come together and share special moments with one another.

Remember, your objective is to furnish surroundings which make you feel protected and calm, somewhere where everything around you invites you to let yourself go and to recharge your batteries. With the colours, fabrics and the materials to relax your brain, together - why not - with some dimmed lighting and perhaps a scented candle, your home will be transformed into the best place you prefer to be in the world, where every time you return is a sweet homecoming.

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How to make your home feel welcoming