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How to transform a classic kitchen in to a modern one

How to transform a classic kitchen in to a modern one

Refurbishing your kitchen to create a welcoming and functional environment. Ideas for an ever-changing space, with a story to tell.

The life of a family also takes place in the places and spaces they inhabit, such as the kitchen, where precious moments of sociability occur. Everyone has their own take on things, keeping it close to their heart like an invaluable item of jewellery. So when the time comes to renovate the kitchen to make it more functional and accommodate the new demands of contemporary life, there is no need to wipe away its identity: just a few tweaks should be enough for the furnishings to be modernised and continue to make family history. Indeed, as the famous designer Ilse Crawford stated:


… the things we live with and the spaces we live in change us.”


While it is true that the settings in which we live affect our way of being and thinking, the opposite is equally true, in a relationship of mutual change between spaces and their inhabitants! Here are some of our most creative ideas to reveal how to transform a classic kitchen into a modern one, by modifying a handful of elements and thus bringing the furniture into the new millennium!

Making classic contemporary

What makes a kitchen classic is its ability to keep up with the trends, despite the years going by. Obviously, a few tweaks may be necessary and you may feel the need to “freshen up” the furnishings by giving them a new colour. Or you may wish to “modernise” a worktop by changing the material, or increase your storage space, perhaps even by making room for a free-standing island. A new table and matching chairs might be the winning idea that will give your entire cooking area a new look.

What you need to consider is that, in terms of furniture, classic and contemporary are not in contrast: the two styles can complement one another and even co-exist, shaping space in totally personal and unprecedented ways.

Let’s find out which solutions to pick in detail on how to transform a classic kitchen into a modern one.

Renovating the surfaces

If you think of a classic kitchen, wooden, laminate or natural stone surfaces spring to mind. As the years go by, even the top may need a change. The most innovative materials, such as Fenix NTM® or stainless steel, have gradually gained a leading place in the kitchen, thanks to their simple maintenance, their multi-faceted functionality and their extremely appealing appearance. So welcoming these innovative materials in the kitchen space will make it immediately modern and more efficient.

Then if your family grows, replacing the table will allow you to give rise to a modern kitchen that is even more welcoming, where activities continue to mix to make room for everyone’s urban pace. A quick solution to make more room at the table!

Another extremely popular solution is to give in to your dream of installing an island or peninsula. Simply redesign the setting to make it more “open” with the island or peninsula, which should increase your storage space and sociability in this part of the home. Cooking time will thus become an enjoyable show for everyone to enjoy!

Room for new technologies

Technological solutions in the kitchens are never enough. When you think of how to transform a classic kitchen into a modern one, it is specifically new comforts which add an innovative allure to the entire space. To start with, you could install a wireless battery charger under the top to power devices with this function. One small change to the top and hey presto!


To protect your devices from sprays, splashes or sources of heat, practical wall panels can come to your rescue, especially if you have convenient tablet or smartphone holders like the ones in the Dandy Plus kitchen, so you can keep an eye on your screen without cluttering your worktop.

Which solutions are must-have essentials to modernise your classic kitchen? Find out how to transform a classic kitchen into a modern oneat Scavolini dealers!

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How to transform a classic kitchen in to a modern one