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Ideas for furnishing a small bathroom

Ideas for furnishing a small bathroom

Modular offerings to optimise space and keep everything in order, without foregoing style.

A small bathroom can feature the styling and all the comforts of a larger room, you simply need to know which functional solutions, shapes, volumes and materials are required to accommodate space and taste, and that can be customised according to individual requirements. 

Compact, Accessorised, Prestigious

Modern and spectacular, even if compact in size? Yes, the mission is possible!

Simply select interior design projects which offer an extensive range of accessories and organised spaces to store everyday items, combined with prestigious finishes and materials, such as Dove Grey matt lacquered and a glass top, which is easy to clean, with a built-in washbasin or Yellow matt lacquered with a Mineralmarmo washbasin in the proposals for the Aquo bathroom.

Practicality, ergonomics, sophistication

Another offering that values practicality and ergonomics, while at the same time creating a sophisticated ambiance to be enjoyed to the full, is what the Idro project has to offer.

The model is characterised by convenient grooves for opening the doors and a range of customised elements for base units, wall units and open-fronted compartments available in the Titanium Grey matt lacquered finishes with Ivory matt lacquered ceramic washbasin.

Minimal and multifunctional

Shapes count.
With wall-mounted sanitary ware and modules, you can exploit the space height-wise for your washbasin cabinet and thus allow it to appear lighter, and the room bigger.
In the Rivo furnishing proposal, which is modular and minimal, the wall-mounted base units are “framed” by practical Dove Grey glossy lacquered wall units, and White matt lacquered open-fronted containers for moments of well-being and beguiling atmospheres to enjoy.

Super accessorised bathroom

The Laundry Space project is the ideal solution to make even the most compact setting fully functional and create a harmonious proximity between bathroom and laundry room.

In furnishing proposals, the washtub base unit is therefore integrated with the main functions played by the laundry room, or the washing machine tall unit with two doors, fitted with compartments for the rational organisation of spaces and materials. 

Optimising space

Another practical and intriguing solution is the combination with the “Fluida” Wall System that makes the best use of the available setting, thanks to varying depths, configurable compartments and linear or corner development. What’s more, this solution makes it possible to keep everything neat and tidy, clean and compact, and - by adding pull-out clothes racks - practical wardrobe areas too.

Another space-saving solution is the combination of the “Fluida” Wall System with the washing machine and drier unit and the storage cupboard, in a corner configuration and fitted with bottom-hinged flaps and flap doors and baskets, enabling impeccable management of all your cleaning and washing essentials.

Then there’s the dynamic Around revolving accessory storage wall which can be accessorised with storage bowls and hooks along its full height, the laundry base unit with bottom hinged flap door, Trolley baskets on wheels, and the pull-out ironing board concealed within the thickness of the top and featuring within its housing a pair of power outlets for easy, practical ironing.

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Ideas for furnishing a small bathroom