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Kitchen built into the wall

Kitchen built into the wall

Pros and cons of modern kitchens built into the wall

Did you recently purchase your dream home? If you’re about to renovate the kitchen and are on the look-out for a solution to optimise the space without compromising on your chosen style, a wall-mounted kitchen could be just the thing. In this article, we’ll be exploring the pros and cons of functional, modern designer kitchens built into the wall.

Kitchen built into the wall: the pros

Rational use of space

One of the most brilliant ways to furnish a small kitchen is specifically the kitchen built into the wall. Fitted inside a niche or alcove in the wall, this model enables you to make the most of every available centimetre and avoid any external footprint, which are instead created in traditional kitchens or, for instance, in kitchens with a protruding top.


Modern, clean-cut style

Do you visualise a modern kitchen in your new home? A wall-mounted one is spot on: the clean-cut lines and tidy arrangement of elements create contemporary aesthetics which blend in seamlessly with any interior style, from minimalist to pop.


Easy cleaning

How annoying is that thin layer of dust that builds up regularly on top of your wall units? You can forget about it entirely: since it is entirely recessed into the wall, the kitchen built into the wall makes cleaning and maintenance operations easy, exposing furniture to less build-up of dust and dirt.

Kitchen built into the wall: the cons

Reduced work surfaces

In some cases the compact design can limit the available workspace. If you’re an aspiring chef and need a generous work surface to practice on, we recommend you consider a kitchen built into the wall with an island, which will provide an additional workspace to complete all the culinary experiments you want.


Less storage space

Although the wall-mounted kitchen is optimised for the size of the kitchen, you may have to compromise on the depth of the wall units and base units, which are essential to organise your larder or plate set. Our suggestion? Strike the right balance between modules, arranging alternating closed wall units with open-fronted elements, so all your kitchen utensils are within easy reach.

Kitchen built into the wall