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Luxury kitchens

Colours and materials

Gold, mirrors and crystals are just some of the elements which adorn a kitchen with an aristocratic personality.

The winning traits of luxury kitchens are magnetic elegance, superior design, quality materials that are chosen with care and skill. The beauty and wealth they express are achieved by the endless possibilities offered by an extensive and exclusive range of colours, finishes and configurations. Let the most fashionable kitchen models ever win you over at first glance!

Luxury kitchen - Baccarat by Scavolini
Black, the colour that defines style

Cars, fashion, and designer accessories: the prestige and understated appeal of the colour black offers its luxury touch to a variety of settings. When used in the kitchen, the total black dress code gives rise to settings with sophistication without boundaries.
If you want to allow the nuance to seduce you, allow yourselves to be inspired by the Baccarat kitchen in the Slate Black mirror glossy lacquered version, framed by sophisticated decorative elements and “bejewelled” with ground glazing that create light fittings with a superior aesthetic impact.

To avoid compromising on surprising combinations of colours and materials, look at this composition of the Exclusiva kitchen, where the same Slate Black lacquered finish is accompanied by the Stained Brass texture, to create a “pairing” of rare beauty.

Luxury kitchens - Exclusiva by Scavolini
Accents of contemporary luxury

A chic kitchen is adorned with precious, unusual finishes. If you want to know the tailor-made garment for a luxury setting, then look no further than the Baltimora kitchen.  Marbles and stones, prized wood and gold are the stylish proposals embellished with decorative elements, such as capitals and friezes, to put together a space where the retro style and contemporary accents come together to mesmerise and thrill.

Luxury kitchens - Baltimora by Scavolini
Luxury kitchens - Exclusiva by Scavolini
The functional yet luxury kitchen

Nomina sunt consequentia rerum (“names are a consequence of things”) was an ancient Latin saying. While it is true that luxury often rhymes with classicism, this quote really seems to be spot on. Indeed, no other name but Glamour would suit the door with its sophisticated design, three-dimensional diamond decorative pattern, in this new model of the Exclusiva kitchen. The decorative elements, which are embellished with tailor-made finishes, are fitted with pull-out baskets which emphasise the practical and functional side of an unrivalled kitchen.

A kitchen tailored to your luxury

Looking beyond mere performance, the many different materials available constitute a tool which makes it possible, in addition to the choice of model, to achieve an interpretation “to the nearest millimetre” of the user’s particular tastes. The ability to customise the Exclusiva kitchen with leathermirrors and marbles creates a luxury kitchen that is perfect and truly one of a kind.

Luxury kitchens - Exclusiva by Scavolini

Do you want to create an unrivalled kitchen? Have a look at what we have to offer and contact your nearest dealer for a super customised project just for you!

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