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Modern cooker hoods

Modern cooker hoods

Need a hood for your kitchen? Here’s why everyone wants a modern one!

We’re talking about an appliance which is becoming the veritable MVP in modern kitchens: the hood! The indispensable appliance which keeps your household air clean, extracting cooking odours and smoke while you’re trying your latest recipe at the hob, has now become a genuine designer feature, capable of distinguishing the furnishing style of a kitchen. So what should this modern cooker hood look like? Let our selection of photos inspire you!

Modern cooker hood models

The most popular types of cooker hoods are:

- wall-mounted hood,
- built-in hood,
- ceiling-mounted hood,
- fully integrated concealed hood.

Hoods that are wall-mounted or hidden in the kitchen cabinet are easy to fit and take up very little room and can be used in almost all compositions, from linear configurations to corner kitchens, satisfying the need for understated and harmonious silhouettes typical of contemporary and modern style.

What on the other hand is the ideal hood for an island? Our suggestion for your open-plan kitchen is to fit a visible hood, specifically ceiling-mounted or suspended, or integrate a hood into the hob or install a fully integrated concealed hood, which is totally invisible: which model do you prefer? It all depends on how minimal your style is.

Cooker hood technology

What makes a modern hood alluring is not just the design, but also the impeccable choice of materials used to make it: the hood covered with modular bevelled mirror panels in the Exclusiva model, or the steel hood from the Mia professional kitchen collection, bear witness to a preference for hard-wearing, easy-to-clean materials which are concurrently eye-catching.

And what about the technology integrated into the hoods themselves? With a powerful yet super-silent extraction motor with guaranteed energy efficiency, every modern cooker hood is designed to deliver maximum performance.


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Modern cooker hoods