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A project with contemporary appeal: the Mood Living Room

A project with contemporary appeal: the Mood Living Room

Innovation, functionality and styling, for an uber trendy living room.

The Mood Living Room is a project which embraces different tastes, fulfilling the requirements of contemporary domestic spaces. 
With class and character.


The elements are versatile, with multiple possible compositions to suit any home. And the finishes available create a space with big impact.

Living Mood encompasses new trends in living space, offering ergonomics, flexibility and an aesthetic which centres on soft, balanced lines, in harmony with the kitchen space. The Mood Living Room collection encompasses new trends in living spaces, offering ergonomics, flexibility and styling which focuses on soft, balanced silhouettes, to match the kitchen space.

Thanks to elements which stylistically merge living room and kitchen, an aesthetic fusion between settings is born, be they open spaces or separate rooms, to suit all tastes and needs.

Key to the project are the original proposals that make the most of the spaces from the living room marked by a design that is in tune with the latest trends.

The elements are versatile, with multiple possible compositions to suit any home.
For a living area furnished with customised individual elements, down to the very last detail.


Stunning compositions for the Mood living room, furnishing proposals that enhance the space, a style experience for those who live there. For family life or time with guests.

Mood is not just about "storage", it is about creating a space which, thanks to sophisticated chromatic pairings, shelves, wall-mounted base units, alternating full and empty with open-fronted compartments and compartments with doors, the "Fluida" and "Metro" Wall Systems - is beautiful to behold, and functional to live in.

The "Metro" Wall System is an outstanding solution to organise the living room, where everything is at hand. The available space is amplified, but the structure is not heavy, instead bringing a pleasant lightness to the living room. A valid substitute for the classic bookcase, to showcase the objects of our daily life, or a link between kitchen and living area, a connecting element between the two most used areas of the home. 

The "Fluida" Wall System, too, enables customised furnishing solutions with big styling impact. A structure which can frame a space, and at the same time be an element of connection and separation between kitchen and living room, creating a sophisticated total look. Using doors that close the open-fronted compartments, living room storage space can be multiplied, while the colour combinations between doors and structure or doors and base/wall units can create striking effects and add a personal touch to the living area.

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A project with contemporary appeal: the Mood Living Room