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Multi-functional cabinets and units

Multi-functional cabinets and units

Lifestyles are changing in the home, and storage units are adapting to the new domestic requirements.

The kitchen is a room that is always teeming with activity and an enjoyable place to spend time, which over the years has witnessed new aesthetics and design stiles take shape.

Do you remember the sideboard cupboard?
A cabinet typically found in either the kitchen or dining room with truly ancient origins, which over the centuries has undergone multiple interpretations by designers and architects alike. Today, we use different names to define it, such as a sideboard, a cupboard or storage unit, a living room unit, but it retains those basic characteristics which make this element of interior décor indispensable to put away everyday items or show off your good china.


Everything, everywhere, within easy reach

The Diesel Living range has interpreted old larders with a new vintage twist.

Glass, steel and aluminium contribute towards creating a charming meeting point between the flavour of objects from the past and a new interpretive sensitivity. Containers, open-fronted compartments and vintage glass fronted units made with a combination of these materials constitute the emblem of industrial design.

Practicality and elegance

Cabinets equipped with the Switch system can be included in different types of composition. They enhance the functional and styling soul of the kitchen thanks to the presence of large doors which, where necessary, retract to hide away into the side panels of the large tall unit containers, nevertheless retaining maximum clean-cut silhouettes. 

The dual soul of elegance

The materials define the styling of the furnishings. In this version of the LiberaMente kitchen, the natural appeal of Saxony Walnut wood cabinets is combined with the vintage look of the Stained Aluminium stained look lacquered island base units, striking the perfect balance between contemporary appeal and traditional accents.

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Multi-functional cabinets and units