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New Pop hues on handles, and more still!

New Pop hues on handles, and more still!

3 trendy colours add a splash of liveliness to your furniture. A flow of sensations to enjoy and touch in person!

People say keeping your eyes trained on the future while keeping an eye on the past makes it possible to hand down timeless ideas to the new generations. The household and kitchen colours of Dandy Plus do just that: they bring to mind the success of the namesake model from the 1980s, with its characteristic combinations and pop derivations, and give rise to a totally innovative version that is representative of the new 2020s. An unprecedented freshness, capable of conveying sensations through the contrast between bright hues and neutral tones.

In Dandy Plus, Coral Red, Mustard Yellow and Agave Blue are combined with doors featuring striking yet simple silhouettes and soft kitchen colours. The three colours draw their inspiration from nature - the muse of artists and musicians alike - and stand out on handles and taps, on hob and oven controls, as well as on the details of the characteristic Task Bar. The result is an astounding symphony of kitchen colours, which can also be replicated in the bathroom and living room furniture.


These 3 hues can also be matched with other Scavolini models, where they add a touch of lively personality, adorning the furniture with vivid sensations. Let’s find out more about them!

Dress Code: CORAL RED

Naturally found in the Mediterranean sea and in the eastern  Atlantic ocean, red coral carries your minds under water, amid the world’s most beautiful coral reefs!
Looking at it, Coral Red may appear to be a romantic hue, with gentle features, yet which inevitably draws attention to itself. In the world of fashion, Coral Red is frequently found on the catwalk, where it is used in monochrome outfits or combined with patterns in neutral hues, depending on the desired style. Yet it is in furniture that the Coral Red colour expresses its full strength and a truly unrivalled elegance. Indeed, Coral Red is the perfect colour for any type of room, where it is capable of embellishing the setting with brush-strokes of refined hospitality.


Mustard is a spice obtained from the namesake plant, which has proved popular since the age of antiquity due to its pungent after-taste.
The contagious energy conveyed by Mustard Yellow makes this an ideal colour for use in kitchens as it stimulates culinary creativity. In furniture, Mustard Yellow stands out gently, without ever proving too much while nonetheless remaining eye-catching. One idea for choosing it for your furniture and make it eternal is to combine it with all the extraordinary shades of grey [link to the article about grey] which bring out the brightness of the yellow, turning the room into a delightful setting, where you can experiment with ingredients. And why not? With spices too!

Dress Code: AGAVE BLUE

The charm of the Agave, the American “century plant”, derives from the longevity of this plant, which is perfect in its irregular symmetry. Agave blue draws its inspiration from nature and fully expresses its personality in furniture. The unmistakable grey-blue hue reveals a pinch of creativity and durable charm, just like the plant which lends it its name.

Agave Blue is used frequently as a kitchen colour owing to its specific characteristics. On the one hand, it embraces the typical features of grey and its neutral appeal, and on the other it brings to mind the sensations of blue, the colour of calm and serenity par excellence. Both personalities of Agave Blue stand out in furniture with clean-cut silhouettes and a total-white top. Or better still, with doors in natural materials, perhaps a pale wood. If you haven’t fallen in love with it yet, there’s still time: Agave Blue has won over the world of Italian design and is destined to stay there!

What colour kitchen, bathroom or living room conveys the right sensations for you? Discover all the shades of colour you love at Scavolini dealers!

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New Pop hues on handles, and more still!