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Open space kitchens

Open space kitchens

Ideas on how to organise your kitchen and living room in an open space

After a hesitant appearance in recent years, open space kitchens are now a well-established furnishing trend, reflecting the need for even more dynamic and multi-functional areas, in tune with the pace of contemporary life. Do you share this philosophy? Then let’s have a look at the best way to organise the kitchen and living room in a single setting.

Bye bye partitions

Having an open space means a more airy and perceivably larger open room. So when designing it, you can indulge yourself with different kitchen compositions, mixing storage units and concealed compartments, which will soon become your best allies in keeping everywhere neat and tidy. Just keep in mind that everything is in sight, including any chaos, so in between cooking experiments, remember to tidy up the tableware and ingredients, especially if you are expecting any guests.


One of the most fashionable solutions in open space kitchens is the peninsula or island, organised to enclose the washing or cooking area which then turns into a convenient counter when needed, where you can have a drink with friends.


The Landscape Oak decorative melamine and Mink matt lacquered Motus model goes all out, providing both a snack bench and a double basin sink, thereby offering a large and handy worktop too.


Not to mention the equipped wall panel, which will make organising utensils a piece of cake!

Hello style

Furnishing an open space kitchen also means choosing a furnishing style that blends in with the living room, trying to match the right materials and finishes and choosing a colour scheme. Not sure where to start? Start with neutral colours and then move on to decorations and finishing details.


The DeLinea model, for example, features an Iron Grey dress code, designed for both the kitchen and living room, embellished with contrasting gold accessories on the illuminated magnetic glass wall panel and modular open-fronted structure.

Do you have any other ideas? To design your dream open space kitchen, contact one of our dealers!
Open space kitchens