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Purifying the air inside your home

Purifying the air inside your home

Short guide to keeping the air in your home clean and pure

As spring approaches, it is becoming much easier to fill your home with fresh air!

Have several plants in the home. They help to purify the air naturally.

The enemies of clean air

An unhealthy atmosphere inside a home can be caused by various factors generated by ourselves, our fabrics or the outside environment.
These causes may not always be evident or visible, and may also be unexpected. Here are a few of them:
1) high temperatures and humidity levels which can encourage the proliferation of harmful microorganisms in the air;
2) dust which, as well as settling on surfaces, uses currents of air as its vehicle;
3) chemical detergents which can contaminate air, especially if rooms are not ventilated after being used;
4) acetone, ammonia and alcohol in general, which produce substances that could irritate eyes and airways;
5) outdoor pollution.
An unhealthy microclimate can lead to allergies, irritations and general problems that vanish upon leaving the home.

How can this be avoided?

To prevent or resolve these problems, all you need to do is carry out some simple procedures and take a few precautions.

This is what you need to do:

1) use air purifiers or dehumidifiers to purify the air;
2) have several plants in the home, as they help to purify the air naturally;
3) vacuum all surfaces at least once every two days;
4) opt for natural fabrics over synthetic ones, as the latter are usually charged with static electricity and therefore attract and retain more dust;
5) air rooms frequently and try to let as much sunlight in as possible;
6) decorate walls with special water-based paint, as it is environmentally friendly and does not harm the respiratory system.

Simply follow these rules to avoid feeling unwell, so that you can enjoy the imminent spring season with energy and vitality!
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Purifying the air inside your home