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Quality “Made in Italy”

Quality “Made in Italy”

Beauty and uniqueness, style and passion: “Made in Italy” has always been synonymous with quality and originality. And Scavolini certified furniture is an example of “(Well) Made in Italy”.

Furniture “Made in Italy” is synonymous with prestige and love of beauty. It is no coincidence that the Bel Paese - which translates to “Beautiful Country” in English – boasts a myriad sources of inspiration: from landscapes, to the Good Life, the artworks of great masters to the taste for beautiful and good things, not just in the kitchen. But Scavolini furniture is not just Italian: our commitment has been acknowledged by the Certification of Italian Origin for our kitchen, bathroom and living room compositions. A constant focus on safety and quality while keeping our eyes trained on Italian fashion to give rise to the distinctive style of the Scavolini world. That’s how we do what we do!

“Made in Italy”!

The fact that Scavolini compositions are “Made in Italy” is not just a statement: our value chain was born in Italy, in Pesaro, in the heart of the country, fostering the growth of local businesses. Ever since, we have perpetuated our commitment by continuing to choose this path all the way to obtaining the Certification of Italian Origin issued by Catas and Cosmob: the two biggest analysis labs. An important accolade which joins our many certifications sought and obtained during our 60 years of business!


Specific process and product requirements must be met to obtain this certification of genuine Italianness. The process requirements are:


  • Manufacturing of semi-finished products making up the finished furniture unit must take place in Italy.
  • The processing to manufacture the finished product must take place in Italy.
  • Final assembly and/or packaging must take place in Italy.
  • Each production facility must have a Quality Manual (or other valid document) based on the applicable regulations in force.


As for the product requirements, furniture must conform to the minimum safety, strength and durability requirements defined in the technical standards demanded in Italy and the EU. Our compositions fully meet both types of requirements.

Sociability and feeling good

At the heart of kitchen compositions lies sociability and a taste for what is good, even when there is no plate of steaming hot delicious pasta before you! Whether it is a linear or a corner project, with a snack counter, a fixed table or one that folds away, a composition with an island or a peninsula, Scavolini compositions for the kitchen are designed to accommodate an idea of eating and talking which is very dear to Italians. Scavolini chairs and stools also meet this need for style, with carefully selected materials and well-devised ergonomics that go far beyond mere design.


Scavolini’s excellence “Made in Italy” carries forward the traditions that are good for the soul, extending the definition of family to include all the offerings available in our current catalogue. For furniture that meets the needs of our customers and anticipates the trends of tomorrow.

Not just a bathroom

Today, style “Made in Italy” confirms its particular attention to details and is embellished with nuances inspired by the world and by its evolution, in a flurry of constant enrichment. It is this passion for our surroundings that helps put together Scavolini’s bathroom compositions: an example of how trends are updated and make a come-back on a loop, without ever being forgotten.

In this continuous transformation of the contemporary well-being area, there is no shortage of elements that are essential to modern life: from new technologies to minimal details that are easy to keep in order. From soft, clean-cut silhouettes to finishes that recall nature in all its glory. From solutions for working out at home, to laundry rooms.

What our bathroom solutions achieve is a rich, multi-tasking and manicured setting, without ever neglecting a taste for quality materials and a pinch of customisation. You get to have the last word!

A space to enjoy

Unlike in the past, the Living room has become a space where a lot of activities take place. It is no longer just the TV corner with a sofa, together with a bunch of ornaments, making up the sitting room. These days, it is perhaps the part of the home which best represents the essence of its occupants.

This awareness lies behind the ideas for a Living room capable of accommodating all sorts of time management, including an area dedicated to working from home as well as educational activities for students and others.

A typical characteristic of this area is elegance: however much they may be heterogeneous, Living room settings are always aesthetically refined in every detail, with prized finishes that recall the remainder of the furniture. With a view to creating a total-home design that links the kitchen, bathroom, living room and an open space together thanks to a harmonious style that accommodates everything and everyone.

The Scavolini Living room space is just this: the “Made in Italy” way to enjoy the home!


We look forward to seeing you at a Scavolini dealer to reveal all our Italian furniture proposals!

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Quality “Made in Italy”