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Scavolini introduces Laundry Space

Scavolini introduces Laundry Space

New features for the bathroom with an increasingly accessorised operating area

Bathroom furnishings by Scavolini have been supplemented by a new significant collection called "Laundry Space". The design - in partnership with architect Idelfonso Colombo - stems from the need to come up with a complete range of elements created to optimise space in a laundry area and in the bathroom in general, comprising an extensive range of solutions and accessories devised to create the perfect "operating area"
With Laundry Space, from now on, the utility bathroom no longer needs to be hidden away, but rather transforms into a setting that combines furnishing requirements with functional needs!

Laundry Space therefore restyles the typical elements of laundry furnishings so that they are a perfect fit for the modern-day modular bathroom. This amazing idea makes it possible to put together endless composition configurations, using the models from Scavolini’s entire collection: Rivo, Aquo, Lagu, Idro, QI and Magnifica in the gloss and matt lacquered and decorative melamine versions.
In Idelfonso Colombo’s words, here are the key concepts that underpin the design of this new domestic space by Scavolini:
"Functionality meets design: these are the distinguishing features of my bathroom cum laundry room. This new bathroom concept was coined to be attractive and concurrently capable of concealing what is functional only at certain times. Hence, in full Scavolini tradition, brimming with practical essentials, innovative solutions and style, the bathroom cum laundry room dons new dignity and takes a specific place in even the smallest yet always demanding home"

Distinguishing features

Among the elements that characterise the new Laundry Space, we would like to present the most appealing novel ideas.

Several laundry units have been created, and we’d like to point out laundry base unit with bottom hinged flap door with matt white plastic laundry basket, which is an extremely practical and convenient accessory to stow laundry.
Just as useful are the Trolley baskets on wheels - made according to Idelfonso Colombo’s exclusive design - which are a useful aid in all laundry room activities.
We have also introduced a top for washing machine base unit, designed to grant easier access to the washing machine detergent dispenser.

The storage units, which are even more multi-functional, are necessary to organise space and keep everything neat and tidy.
Two or more units can be placed side-by-side, each of which playing a specific role: for instance, one can be used to house appliances (washing machine and drier) and the other can be used as a storage cupboard which can be fitted with accessories and shelves, to become the ideal solution for compact spaces too.

An exclusive element for the Laundry Space is the Around revolving wall that swivels round so you can exploit both sides, for instance by applying storage bowls and hooks, clothes hooks, towel rails or a mirror.

Any respectable laundry room has to have an ironing board: with Laundry Space, the ironing board is concealed within the thickness of the Cover top and it swivels out of its housing when needed. It is available either left- or right-hand. 
The Smart wall unit (standard size of 70 cm) fitted with a mirror and designed also to be teamed with a stylish glass shelf can also be used to embellish the operating area: thanks to its vertical opening mechanism, the wall unit reveals a practical pull-out drying rack devised to hang small garments.

Fully in keeping with the overall design of this collection, the power outlet towers are also concealed: with Laundry Space they come in the pull-out version with the vertical push-pull mechanism.

Design & Style
Scavolini introduces Laundry Space