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Soil coloured furniture for the kitchen and living room

Soil coloured furniture for the kitchen and living room

How to use the colours of the earth in the kitchen and lounge

The colours of the earth offer a thousand different hues, fitting all furnishing styles like a glove. Who do we suggest they’re for? If you’re looking for calming peace and quiet at home, you’re in the right place: choosing soil coloured walls and/or soil coloured furniture for the kitchen and living room means decorating a warm and welcoming living room, capable of generating a familiar feeling. Let’s have a look at a few examples of soil coloured furniture!

What are the colours of the earth

First things first: what colours make up the earth-inspired palette? All the colours inspired and associated directly with nature, from terracotta colour to olive green, brown and ochre, can turn settings into relaxing and enjoyable places to live.

Soil coloured kitchen furniture

In a kitchen, the palette of browns is definitely a winning pick: it brings to mind the warmth of wood, warming up one of the most comfortable rooms in the home even further. So make way for country cabinets or modern units in shades of brown, capable of giving rise to relaxing and cosy corners.

For an elegant kitchen, don’t underestimate the combination of soil coloured wall units, base units and tall units with a pale ceramic or stone effect kitchen worktop: the brown and white pairing is definitely a must-have for a sophisticated and clean-cut setting.

Another option to use the colours of the earth in the kitchen could be in the choice of matching furniture: what do you make of laying a table and chairs in shades of terracotta or brown? They’ll encourage interaction among guests, making them feel at home.

Soil coloured living room furniture

Earthen colours convey a sense of relaxation, so why not use them in the living room too? Rust coloured wall-mounted base units and wall systems blend in seamlessly with a Scavolini living room, creating a modern and chic mood.

Another trick to furnishing a living room with an earth-inspired palette is to opt for terracotta coloured lamps and sofas: they’ll immediately give the impression of being soft and convenient.

Soil coloured walls

Are you afraid to make a mistake with the furniture, creating the wrong look? If you like these shades of colour, the solution is to paint one wall in soil colour: one of the most popular is the Sienna coloured wall!

Soil coloured furniture for the kitchen and living room