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Tall stools, new perspectives in the kitchen

Tall stools, new perspectives in the kitchen

Thanks to the charm of their slender silhouette, these elements furnish with a touch of lightness and practicality.

A versatile designer seat that has been borrowed from bars and cafés and brought into the kitchen to play the starring role of the setting. It’s a tall stool, which is also perfect as an additional seat when the space is limited and on all those occasions when you open your doors to guests. Available in multiple materials and versions - height-adjustable, with or without a backrest, revolving and stackable - let’s see how a stool can be included within different kitchen styles.


Focus on sociability

The most typical example is the kitchen stool placed beside islands and peninsulas which on one side belong to the house chef and on the other, thanks specifically to the tall stools, they offer the possibility of becoming the ideal place for breakfast or a quick snack. Just like in this Mood composition with Hold Up peninsula breakfast bench combined with Step stool featuring a seat and back in Iron Grey matt lacquered solid Beech wood.

Cooking, eating, chatting. The island gives users the possibility of moving around to take care of all the activities involved in the room, sharing them with family and friends who can stay by our side to talk, read or have a quick bite to eat. Just like in this composition of the Sax kitchen where the island leads into the living area in a modern and understated context, which are the perfect fit for the Flash stools with chrome-finish metal frame and which are revolving and height-adjustable with a gas lift.


Linear and small in size

The matching colour black for the characteristic H.10 cm plinth, the Hold Up support with shaped top and the Weimar stool in Slate Black Oak finish defines this well-measured workspace which makes inroads in the compact linear Foodshelf composition, and thus better exploit all the available space.

What do you think, do you also like having new perspectives in the kitchen? 😊

Tall stools, new perspectives in the kitchen