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The new Every Time collection

The new Every Time collection

Not just cabinets, but tables, chairs and accessories too

What’s the best style of furniture? How to arrange furniture according to the floor plan? Furnishing a home from scratch, just like refurbishing a room, can lead to a number of issues. In order to achieve a consistent look, immediately matching furniture with accessories is often the best choice: fancy tackling it together? Yes, you read it right: Scavolini has supplemented its product line-up by renovating the line of accessories (tables, chairs, stools, dressers). Let’s find out more about the collection of Every Time accessories!

Kitchen table

Our project begins in the kitchen, one of the most frequently used rooms in the home, with the aim of creating a kitchen table that is not just eye-catching but functional too. The result is a comprehensive line of dining and living room tables, which are rendered unique by an exclusive design detail: the central leg.


Featuring central supports
and fixed and/or extensible tops, these tables are available in a wide variety of prized finishes, colours and styles, from minimalism to luxuriant, becoming the focus piece of the dining room and a place to come together with your nearest and dearest.

Living room chairs

Essential allies for enjoyable moments in company, the chairs we offer are comfortable, padded and covered with various types of fabric to accommodate all furnishing styles. Whether you have chosen one of our modern kitchens or a kitchen with an industrial-style island, the Every Time premium collection is in fact so varied you are bound to find the solution to your search for a beautiful and comfortable kitchen chair.


Details make a difference, so to complete this new collection of Scavolini matching furniture, we also thought of a series of unique accessories to embellish and elevate any setting: from clocks to mirrors, each item is a veritable design gem.

From furniture to accessories, everything item of furniture you need is now available: find out more about the new Every Time line previewing now at Scavolini dealers!

The new Every Time collection