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The retro charm of classic bathrooms

The retro charm of classic bathrooms

Washbasins, cabinets and taps: a set of elements to furnish a bathroom where inspirations from the past and present intertwine.

In recent years, classic bathrooms have revealed a new appeal and unprecedented charm. The reference to the past of furniture, sanitary ware and accessories presents bold vintage tones that in some cases touch upon stylistic features of contemporary style, affording unprecedented and original composition possibilities. This leads to offerings for a highly welcoming setting marked by infinite sophistication.


Classic comfort

When we think of a classic wellness area soft, enveloping silhouettes immediately spring to mind. Cabinets with bevelled edging, washbasins that are either sit-on or built into the top, taps and bathtubs with rounded shapes that bring to mind a comfortable and elegant atmosphere. And which create a bathroom recalling the harmonies of old times.

Warm materials such as wood for the furniture and prized materials such as marble or granite for the tops, the particular processing of the frame doors, the finishes in warm hues: these are all iconic components of a bathroom decorated in a traditional manner, which will never go out of fashion. If mirrors framed with precious decorations and golden taps are then added, the setting stands out in all its spectacular retro charm.

Contemporary classic

What happens when contemporary elements are introduced into a classic configuration?

The answer is simple: stunning solutions striking the perfect balance and overall beauty are created.

Wood gives way to a more modern glossy lacquered finish, pale hues to intense and statement total black finishes, round washbasins to rectangular models with geometric silhouettes that also reach the wall units, the handles and the large mirror. 

For a charming space that meets all your needs.

Classic console

The console, a must-have from the olden days that has made a freakish fashionable come-back, in versions that are light to different extents, and which can easily turn into a masterpiece of formal harmony.

It can consist of a lightweight base only, with a large white ceramic washbasin supported by a sinuous and understated chrome-finish structure, rounded legs, a towel rail and a storage shelf. 

Do you want to furnish your bathroom according to the canons of tradition (but not too much)? Discover the Baltimora and Magnifica models in our the section dedicated to bathroom furniture!

The retro charm of classic bathrooms