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The thousand colours of Christmas

The thousand colours of Christmas

All the colours that symbolise the festive season where family, peace and light rule.

Christmas is already in the air and it’s impossible to resist wanting to surround oneself with the typical lights and colours of the festive season. Everyone experiences this atmosphere in a personal way, some remember and repeat family traditions, others wish for innovation and something altogether more contemporary. Let’s go on a journey through the typical textures and tones of this time of year so packed with emotions and magic.


The tree is increasingly blue

Blue brings to mind star-studded skies and nativity decorations. It is a very intense colour, which calms and represents a wish for peace and tranquillity.

It can be proposed in several shades, depending on whether one wants a more modern and feisty style, such as the Moon Blue lacquered Mood finish.

If on the other hand you wish to opt fore more suggestive and retro hues, the Tempera Indigo finish of the open-pore lacquered wood doors of the Diesel Social Kitchen offers a distressed effect that brings to mind a “denim wash”.

The feminine side of the festive season

Powder pink, which is more neutral and elegant than other brighter shades, is a very popular colour, because it is suave and has distinctly feminine traits.

It is a chromatic choice that in certain domestic settings, such as the bathroom, for instance, makes it possible to create charming and customised rooms.

Suitable for circumstances such as the Christmas holidays where the religious spirit and sense pursue specific traits of beauty and purity.

Tailored details

A dash of glamour is just what you need when you’re getting ready for the festive fun.

Decorations in bright and fashionable colours afford light and liveliness with elegance. Such as the possibility of cladding the door of the Exclusiva kitchen with decorative elements and golden finishes such as Stained Brass stained look lacquer or the silver Stained Aluminium variant. For a single purpose: to astound and to gleam, always!

What colour will your festivities be?

We wish you a Merry Christmas!


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The thousand colours of Christmas