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Wall-mounted or free-standing?

Wall-mounted or free-standing?

Which solutions to choose to decorate your living room

Every thing is in its place when you design your home in your image. This is why organising your living room furniture is a great opportunity to showcase your prized belongings. Nevertheless, some cunning may be required, because there is no single solution that is suitable for all living rooms.

So bookcases, shelving, shelves, drawers and open-fronted elements can be combined to suit your taste and your specific requirements. Otherwise, the available floor space can be optimised by turning bookcases and larders into storage walls, packed with compartments to be filled up with pieces of stories just waiting to be told.

Let’s find out the best solutions to make the living room a welcome haven par excellence!

The wall-mounted living room unit

Making best use of the perimeter of your living room to turn it into a delightful area in which to spend your free time is a great classic. With this solution, the living room units become interesting projects that are attractive to look at. Classic in no way means commonplace: in the composition on the left, the industrial style is skilfully teamed with basic furniture packed with an attractive allure. In this corner, the anthracite hue of the “Metro” wall system and its pale-coloured shelves matches the ton-sur-ton storage elements of the Sax model, as well as the resting elements which stand out thanks to their bright Genziana yellow colour.


The “Metro” metal wall system with shelves which can recall the remainder of the living room décor can also be used as a link between two rooms, outlining the two areas and expanding their boundaries.

In the configuration on the right, for instance, “Metro” accommodates objects from both the living room and the kitchen, combining both settings harmoniously

Space for intermediate solutions

Whether you need to set aside some privacy by partially obstructing the view from other rooms, or whether you want to create two rooms in one, bookcases and cupboards are highly versatile solutions, capable of accommodating the most various needs.


The “Fluida” Wall System adapts to a host of different usage situations. Indeed, modern modular living rooms often run along the walls to arrange television sets and Blue Ray and DVD players, leaving little room for decorative objects, books or films to remain on show. 

“Fluida” instead brings together multiple functions in a single furnishing solution, becoming an autonomous item of furniture and a wall or half-wall with a myriad faces.
For example, it can complete the kitchen on one side and the living room on the other, exploiting the height in full. Concurrently, it also separates the two rooms in part or in full, without the need for any masonry constructions.</p>

Centre all!

When the space allows, the modern living room cabinet can put together a sitting room with a generous open space that also plays host to other work areas.

If you want to separate rooms and functions distinctly, a practical solution is the use of bookcases and compartments, which mix convenience with styling.

The “Fluida” Wall System is versatile and fits in perfectly in sitting rooms of all possible styles. Its distinguishing feature is the possibility of lending stylistic continuity and guaranteeing the clear layout of space, while retaining the elegance of an open-plan setting.

Find the perfect solution for your lounge thanks to Scavolini’s Living room solutions!
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Wall-mounted or free-standing?