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Waterproof materials and actions

Waterproof materials and actions

Top quality furniture and moisture-resistant elements that complete the bathroom

The bathroom is the wet room par excellence. This is the home of the primary element which puts us back in touch with our innermost selves. Our daily cleansing routine, showering or soaking in the bathtub constitute daily practices and indulgences which we cannot go without. Because water is birth and life, purification and regeneration.

In the contemporary home, the bathroom is an essential household room, a place to wind down, pamper yourself and indulge. Water is our friend, and as such, it should be accommodated in the best of ways! To make sure your relationship with it is long-lasting, safe and high-level, then put into practice a few waterproof solutions!

Materials by your side

There are so many different styles of bathroom furniture solutions to choose from. What makes the difference are the materials, which stand out for several performance levels and their styling appeal. For the bathroom we choose to remain as it is for as long as possible, both the furniture and the tiling must have fundamental characteristics. Above all, it must be moisture-resistant. To cohabit with water, and make sure it remains our ally at all times, it is important that you choose water-repellent and non-slip solutions.

Let’s start with the walls

Coming home on a cold winter’s night and jumping under a hot shower: perhaps that’s one of the best moments of your day! How do you prevent steam and moisture from damaging the elements making up your bathroom over time? Let’s start with the walls. When it’s time to refurbish your bathroom or it just needs a fresh lick of paint, it is important to know what the best products to use are. Water-based paints are specific paints for waterproofing, with a high level of moisture-resistance.

And what if you wanted to decorate the walls? These days, there are plenty of wallpapers on sale made with innovative, super-technical materials, made to withstand just about anything and at the same time contribute to creating scenic areas with a very high aesthetic styling impact. Moreover, they are extremely versatile and can be applied to different types of wall surfaces, from tiles to plasterboard, as well as plaster and glass.

Non-slip floors

In a setting such as the bathroom, where the use of water is a frequent occurrence, the number one danger to protect yourself against is walking around on slippery floor surfaces! This is where floor tiles and wall tiles come in: they need to adorn our bathroom with beauty, but also complete safety. Non-slip products come in a broad range of possibilities, depending on the style of the room and on personal taste. Even a natural and seemingly delicate material such as wood, with the application of waterproofing treatments, can become an excellent material to clad your bathroom. Another timeless material is porcelain stoneware which boasts exceptional properties and is also available in various looks (marble, wood, natural stones), to create a bathroom with the utmost sophistication.

The right degree of humidity

The characteristics of the materials are accompanied by actions which, when implemented on a regular basis, make for optimum maintenance. You know when you have a bath or shower and the window or the mirror steams up? To avoid the room turning into a “tropical rainforest” with the tiresome issues caused by damp, it is important that you air it appropriately, by opening a window, a door, or turning on the fan. Another solution is to install a dehumidifier which you can turn on whenever the need presents itself. Or you could opt for natural remedies. Plants are perfect items of decoration, but they also improve the quality of the air, but beware as not all house plants are alike. Aloe vera, the golden pothos, and ferns are some examples of our “green friends” which are ideal for trapping moisture in the bathroom.

Bathroom Furniture

Choosing your bathroom furniture means assessing both the style and design, as well as the value of materials and finishes. Vanity units, washbasin tops, wall units, whether lacquered, laminate, wooden or glass, must meet all the requirements for quality, reliability and safety. The use of the Idroleb water-repellent ecological panel is also an option to keep in mind. Resistance to water, heat, chemicals and abrasion, the ability to withstand the impact of humidity and water seepage are all aspects you should take into consideration, to enjoy the bathroom (your bathroom!) in the most relaxing and pleasurable way.

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Waterproof materials and actions