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Where to put your kitchen stools?

Where to put your kitchen stools?

Stools are ideal around the kitchen island, but elsewhere too!

Is your heart set on a kitchen with an island? Then you’ll also love the design of kitchen stools, which are indispensable to enjoy the island and create a familiar atmosphere. But where should you put stools in a kitchen? Here are 3 ideas to give your stools pride of place.

Stools around the snack counter

Whether your kitchen is large or small, an island can replace the dining table, so it needs chairs, or better still, high stools.
It is no accident that the most conventional arrangement of stools is around the kitchen island or the snack counter: this set-up creates the perfect situation to gather around for breakfast with your family, send a work e-mail or simply chat with guests as you get dinner ready.

Bar stools

When dinner is over, how about offering your guests a nightcap? You can create a small bar corner in your kitchen too: all you need is an additional shelf or a trolley, a few good bottles, some comfortable bar stools and hey presto, les jeux sont faits. The actual stools will play the starring role in this space, encouraging everyone to sit down and enjoy a drink with company.

Near the window

Do you manage to set aside some time for you and your passions between one commitment and another? Imagine sipping your morning cup of coffee with the sun’s rays kissing your face and lighting the pages of your favourite book: magic! If you place one or two stools beside a window, you can create a relaxation corner, for some special only-you moments during the day. It will also be a great opportunity to plant some herbs or pot plants on the windowsill, creating a miniature oasis.

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Where to put your kitchen stools?