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Winter with style

Winter with style

Winter is back and homes are filling up with warmth and comfort, thanks also to living room settings that focus on relaxation.

In the winter season, what more could you ask for than to spend time at home feeling really... at home! This is the founding principle for furnishing the living room, the setting which is best disposed to relax in and enjoy one’s passions and desires.


The right lights for the right atmosphere

Winter is when suffused, warm ambient lights thrive. Arranging them around the house makes for a warm atmosphere while at the same time providing the degree of comfort one wishes to convey. Making the most of early dusk and long nights with appropriate lighting is therefore a must in any winter style home. So all clear for floor lamps, bedside lamps and vintage suspension lamps along with strategic light fittings in the hidden corners of your home, or perhaps adjusted to emphasise particular decorations in various rooms.

The warmth of wood

There are furnishing elements which make you notice the difference, if they are present in a room or not. Wall panels and wall panelling enhance the appeal of the living room with balance, playing two important roles: they are practical because they are equipped with shelves and living room cabinets but they also make the room more welcoming, particularly when they are made with warm materials such as wood or veneer.

Timeless charm

Shabby chic style creates an absolutely evocative furnishing system, styling that goes far beyond passing tastes and cultures. It does so thanks to painstaking care for details which allows features from the past to remain, yet with a view that focuses on the needs of the present.

Wood and natural colours of furnishings combined with rugs, candles, and accessories contribute towards creating a place with all the flavour and charm of things which have a story to tell.

Living at home
Winter with style