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Walk-in Fluida

Walk-in Fluida: Scavolini’s walk-in wardrobes are genuine chambers of wonders, for perfectly organised space.
A few relevant features
accessories adaptable chic CONTEMPORARY customisable fashion glass international modular sophisticated
Comfort, design and customisation are the words at the heart of the Walkin Fluida range, Scavolini’s walk-in wardrobes designed by Vuesse.
Walk-in Fluida designs can be linear, corner, with visible modules (for the true fashion addict) or closed modules (for neat freaks), and even with free-standing solutions, devised to act as veritable partitions within a room. This project involves the introduction of new, sophisticated and stylish aesthetics for the aluminium framed glass doors, whose profile also acts as the handle. These doors are teamed with transparent smoked glass, so you can see all the items inside the walk-in wardrobe. An elegant combination which guarantees not only light weight but also maximum flexibility of compositions. The structure of the walk-in wardrobe is available in five different colours, ranging from pale hues to sophisticated dark shades, which can be teamed with an extensive range of door materials with push pull opening or handles. The Walk-in Fluida collection is completed by three lines of inner accessories, for perfectly accessorised interiors: the Comfort line (Mocha coloured finish), the Support line (Metal Grey coloured finish) and the Assist line (available in the 5 colours of the Walk-in Fluida structure).

Design by Vuesse
Prestige White matt lacquered wall-mounted drawer units, with decorative melamine sides; Flexy lights for shelves and shoe racks. "Comfort” series metal clothes rack .
Drawers with Fabric decorative melamine sides; Magical lights; metal clothes racks and metal wire drawers from the “Comfort” series.
Anthracite Grey finish aluminium frame door with transparent Smoked glass (3.5 cm thick). The vertical profile acts as the handle and the hinges are built-in. The door opens 180° and is fitted with a soft closing system.
Magical lights, “Support” series aluminium trouser racks for drawers.
Drawer unit and “Assist” shoe rack shelf; Magical lights; rising clothes rack, trouser racks and clothes racks from the “Support” series.
Walk-in Fluida
Flexy lights
“Comfort” rising clothes rack
“Comfort“ trouser rack  
“Assist“ pull-out drawers  
“Assist“ shoe rack shelf  
Contemporary, functional and safe materials
To adorn our models with style and flawless efficiency and to offer quality and durability, we carefully select every type of material.

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Walk-in wardrobe
Walk-in Fluida