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A kitchen in perfect shabby chic style

A kitchen in perfect shabby chic style

Tips for embracing the shabby chic style in the kitchen

Dreamy, romantic, halfway between vintage and country: we’re talking about the shabby chic style, born in Great Britain in the 1980s and which has crossed the channel to evoke the charm of old country villas, where the kitchen was the true heart of the home. If you like the mood, but don’t know how to achieve it, you’ve come to the right place: here are a few tips on how to furnish your kitchen in the perfect shabby chic style!

Dominant colours and materials

Bright, intimate and cosy, the shabby chic kitchen is strictly white or ivory with pastel-coloured accessories, particularly in antique pink, sage green and lavender.


For the materials, the style is based on pickled wood cabinets with a lived-in look, to immediately evoke the bond with nature and open the doors of the house to an atmosphere of bygone days: enchanting, isn’t it?

To create the rustic effect typical of the shabby style, combine the finish with natural fabrics such as cotton, hemp, jute and linen.


The icing on the cake is the cupboard: whether it is high, low, closed or open, choose it as a furnishing accessory to hold your grandmother’s silverware or those wonderful vintage objects you found at the flea market.

A romantic detail

What elements and accessories make a kitchen shabby chic? When choosing the decorations, always remember to stick to the reference colour scheme, playing with pale, not bold, colours.


If you’re a romantic, hang a suspension lamp that emits a warm light above the table or choose a lampshade with a pretty floral pattern.


Talking of flowers, have you picked the camellias blossoming in your garden yet? Create a special bouquet, put it in terracotta or copper vases and enjoy the scent: it will feel like you are in the Provençal countryside!

A kitchen in perfect shabby chic style