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Bewitching bathroom wall panelling

Bewitching bathroom wall panelling

Make your bathroom more welcoming with wall panelling

Where does wall panelling look good? Modern wall panelling, with its wide variety of materials and configurations, can be fitted in any room of the home, even the bathroom. If you’re refurbishing or restyling your bathroom, wall panelling could in fact prove to be the key element in distinguishing the décor, clarifying any doubts you might have had about decorating the walls. Let’s find out more about how to create bewitching bathroom wall panelling!

Modern bathroom wall panelling

Traditionally made in wood, the panels used to make up modern-day wall panelling are available in a variety of materials, to keep up with trends and, above all, with your chosen bathroom interior style. Among the most intriguing, mention must be made of ceramic wall panelling: on top of bringing added value from an aesthetic perspective, this versatile and hard-wearing cladding is the ideal solution to cover the dampest room in the home, like the bathroom in fact, also ensuring good thermal insulation.


Another popular material to use for modern bathroom wall panelling is glass: an example? The Diesel Open Workshop bathroom offers two Lunar mirrors, with painted edging and perimeter lighting, on Copper coloured glass wall panelling, divided up into 3 panels with bevelled edging: this is the perfect way to illustrate the distinctive industrial style of this bathroom model.

Bathroom wall panelling height

So how high should the wall panelling be? Wall panelling can cover the full height of the wall or only cover the lower half, to prevent it from getting wet during your skin care routine or a relaxing soak in the bathtub.

Still not sure? You could compromise with accessorised wall panels: they only cover one wall or part of the bathroom, providing hooks, shelves, open-fronted elements and storage bowls, which come in handy to hang towels and organise your creams, perfumes, hairbrushes or decorative ornaments. The wall system can obviously be customised in terms of colours and finishes, ranging from elegant decorative melamines to a wood effect with a vintage feel. It all depends on the atmosphere you want to create in your bathroom!

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Bewitching bathroom wall panelling