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Blue bathroom

From the catwalk to the bathroom in your home: blue is officially back in style, setting a successful trend in bathroom furniture. Did you know that many of Scavolini’s collections focus specifically on a blue bathroom? Let’s investigate why it is one of the most popular colours used in modern bathroom furniture.

What the colour blue conveys

Before going into detail about blue bathroom furniture, it is important to grasp the psychology of the colour. According to chromotherapy, blue is associated with calm, serenity and stability: surrounding yourselves with blue furniture slows down your heart rate, inducing mental relaxation too. These qualities make the colour blue an excellent choice for the bathroom, which may consider to be the place for relaxation and reflection par excellence: don’t you retreat to the bathroom to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life?

What’s more, blue brings to mind the concept of hygiene and cleanliness, which is essential in a room like the bathroom.

Blue bathroom cabinets

Take note: blue is not just a colour filled with positive vibes, but it is also incredibly versatile, with a wide range of variations in shades and nuances that adapt perfectly to your particular taste and any interior décor style.


Dark blue or bright blue bathroom cabinet? When in doubt, bear in mind that the size of the room weighs heavily on your decision: indeed, if you have a small bathroom, pale shades of blue will help the space appear bigger and more airy, whereas darker hues will lend your bathroom a stylish look but it will appear smaller in size.

Blue bathroom accessories

If you intend to completely revamp the identity of your bathroom, remember that a splash of blue is enough: simply lay blue flooring or some blue tiles on the walls to revolutionise the appearance of the room and fly off to a Caribbean beach in your imagination. If the matching furniture is beige or gold, this dream look is guaranteed!

Last but not least, you could always decide to place all your bets on blue accessories: towels, toothbrush tumblers, bathrobes and the rug in shades of blue will add a note of joy even to the most classic white bathrooms.

Are you on the look-out for more tips to decorate your bathroom in blue? Our dealers are ready and waiting!