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Expand the available space at home?!

Expand the available space at home?!

It can now be done! Thanks to BoxLife multi-functional modules.

The name of the game: concealing to keep things organised.

The BoxLife system by Scavolini in fact came to be in order to furnish several types of home, always guaranteeing the utmost flexibility in organising the available space.

Here’s the philosophy behind this range: large “containers” where all the operational nerve centres of household activities are concentrated: the kitchen, the living room, the bedroom, the wardrobe, the study corner and also the  laundry room. Everything is within easy reach, in a totally interconnected way, yet at the same time separate and well organised.

The magic in fact lies in the large panels which reveal one specific area instead of another, allowing us to conceal what we don’t need and expose what is immediately necessary.

How many times have we all wished for a better organised home? Not just in big cities where the pace of life is hectic, but also in smaller, more “human-scale” towns, we feel the need for settings that are ready to change - almost at the wave of a magic wand - depending on the time of day.

Thanks to BoxLife every corner of the home becomes perfect for different everyday needs: everything is well organised, neat and tidy.

Are you ready to discover all the “concealed” settings? 

The kitchen area

The large retractable doors enclose the operating area of the kitchen, comprising the sink, the hob and other appliances.


Everything you could possibly need has been thought of and included. Then, when necessary, the kitchen “disappears”, leaving room for other domestic configurations.


For this module, you can choose one of the models in Scavolini’s collections, including the new Boxi which was launched concurrently with BoxLife.


The living area

With BoxLife you can also build an attractive and comfortable living area, the perfect backdrop to your downtime.


Bookcases, TV stations, shelves, drawers and open-fronted modules to store your items and hide them away when necessary and leave the room perfectly tidy!


The study area

Organising a study corner in the living room or bedroom is simple: simply design micro work/study areas included within the BoxLife concealed systems.


A space that is all yours, with no shortage of desk space, shelves, useful compartments to store all you need for your activities.


This is yet another of the endless possibilities afforded by BoxLife! Really useful, don’t you agree?

The sleeping area

More room for your guests!

Indeed, with BoxLife you can set up additional beds for when your friends or relatives come to stay. The bed boxes stylishly enclose the sleeping area and blend in seamlessly with their surroundings: when morning comes, the bed disappears away behind large panels in keeping with the style and design of the rest of your home.

You can choose from several bed sizes (including bunk beds!) and also the type of bedstead.

The bed opening mechanism is either manual (with handles) or motorised (only for specific sizes). There truly is something for everyone.


The wardrobe area

In any self-respecting home, even the wardrobe has an important role to play!


You can put it together as you see fit: drawers, shelves, clothes racks, accessories and highly practical internal lighting systems so everything is handy and visible.


Your outfits will always be tidy and well organised: simply design the right wardrobe configuration.


The laundry area

If your home is too small for you to have a separate laundry area or if your bathroom is not big enough to contain a tall washer-drier unit, don’t worry because with BoxLife you can design your own mini laundry area inside the kitchen and living room boxes. In these spaces, the necessary ventilation is always guaranteed, in complete safety.

Expand the available space at home?!