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How to add a classic touch to a modern kitchen

How to add a classic touch to a modern kitchen

A personal detail is all you need to give a modern kitchen a more classic and cosy atmosphere. A look at the most elegant solutions.

There are those who like to update their modern kitchens, replacing the elements that no longer suit them with something of their own and in their own style. Then there are those who want to make the kitchen more classic, warm and cosy. Lastly, there are those who like to discover, add and adapt the space to new needs with a hint of traditional furnishings. It is impossible to please everyone with just one idea on how to give a modern kitchen a classic touch. But how about three?

Finiture & Co.

There are trends that never go out of fashion: vintage finishes and decorations that tell ancient family stories. And then handles with bronze or copper finish, to name but a few, that transform doors and extra deep drawers. Lastly, warm colours inspired by nature and by classic compositions: a must-have that has spanned centuries of fashion trends in interior design. In all these scenarios, it becomes immediately clear that enhancing the modern kitchen with a more classic touch to outdo current trends is anything but unachievable!


An example of how to give a modern kitchen a classic touch is to choose warmer wood colours for doors and extra deep drawers, even with a rough textural feel. These colours make the kitchen look classic at first glance. Furthermore, the matt finishes and wall panelling decorative melamine elements are an eloquent reference to classic atmospheres. In these solutions, you can hide a built-in handle or a completely invisible recessed grip profile that makes the composition functional and easy to clean.

Small, important changes

Ideas on how to add a classic touch to a modern kitchen can involve large pieces of furniture or even appliances.


In a modern kitchen that has already witnessed a lot of meals, some parts may need to be updated. A clear example is the appliances. However, most appliances that are not built-in or semi-inset have distinct aesthetics and their style is a link between functional and decorative elements. This is why their replacement will have to be carefully thought through as regards both efficiency and visual effect as this will have a clear impact on the whole ensemble.


The decision to enhance the set of furniture by adding a dresser, a cupboard, wall units, new tall units or some base units for a classic kitchen or in a more traditional style is different: in fact, many finishes blend in perfectly with furniture in different styles. The key is not to combine elements in similar, but not identical, colours. The similar-but-different effect could clash more than combining contrasting colours!

Natural hints

To add a classic touch to a modern kitchen and achieve a more traditional colour scheme, you can replace the kitchen top and choose one with a wood effect for a more homely atmosphere. Or you can add a backsplash in warm colours to give a cosy look even to a black and white kitchen.


To boost the functionality of the modern kitchen with traditional solutions (but not too many!), it is extremely useful to choose a wood-effect snack counter, a table or a peninsula or island: it will change the look of the room lending it a very classic appeal.


A striking design solution for a more classic kitchen is to choose a different model of sink and/or a chrome-finish tap with a rustic and antique finish. A detail that won’t go unnoticed!

Which solutions do you like best for adding a classic touch to a modern kitchen? Before making any changes to your kitchen, we recommend that you check feasibility of the transformation with your local Scavolini dealer. Visit a Scavolini shop to find out more about all our proposals!

How to add a classic touch to a modern kitchen