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How to arrange units in the living room

How to arrange units in the living room

Design the living room to organise the space with your own style: how to arrange units in the living room to enhance it.

Organising the living room space based on your personal style requires a precise project. Start getting to know the solutions best suited to your needs by browsing through Scavolini catalogues! There are many solutions emerging, from Wall Systems designed to equip a wall in the room, to the TV cabinet, to the dressers and cupboards that complete the composition. Guide on how to arrange units in the living room!

One wall system, several configurations

When it’s time to decide how to arrange units in the living room, versatile ideas often spring to mind that can be adapted to fit into the space available. Among these, Scavolini Wall Systems stand out because they meet so many requirements. They are modular pieces of furniture, starting with a different style for each system, and can be equipped with open-fronted solutions and/or containers depending on the space available. Wall-mounted, they frame and house objects in a neat and tidy manner. Free-standing, they can also be used to separate open-space areas. Let’s take a closer look at the Wall Systems!

Designed to be wall-mounted, the “MetroWall System has an industrial and minimalist look that makes room for many objects thanks to its visible compartments. This solution with Oxide Bronze decorative melamine base units, Iron Grey matt lacquered open-fronted elements and with the Anthracite “Metro” Wall system gently stands out.

The “FluidaWall System has a solid structure, making it ideal for both wall-mounting and free-standing - particularly if it is full-height. This configuration in the Carattere model with “Fluida” Wall System in Iron Grey decorative melamine is perfect with both modern and classic furniture and ensures a clear separation of spaces, while creating compositional continuity between the environments.


The “StatusWall System is extremely spacious: combined with the Formalia model, it hides the electrical cables and houses concealed elements, revolutionising the concept of living room units. It can also be configured with containers and furniture for home working and can be used free-standing too. This Formalia solution with Titanium “Status” Wall System has a Garden Walnut decorative melamine wall panel as well as Iron Grey matt lacquered top, shelves, base units and sliding doors and a Home Matter decorative melamine pull-out desk top.

A mini wall

If you have half a wall to furnish, the solutions on how to arrange units in the living room should be stylistically in line with the rest of the room.

Dandy Plus offers avant-garde and exquisitely contemporary living room unit compositions that can be placed in different parts of the room. The Living Room composition with Slate Black matt lacquered doors, silver undermount profile and Slate Black handle can be used as a TV cabinet or storage unit, while always emphasising the space without weighing it down.

The colour detail of this LiberaMente Living Room composition is just as subtle. The Moon Blue colour elegantly accentuates the TV wall, enhancing the feeling of relaxation in the whole room. A minimalist solution, adorned with a matt glass top in the same colour and white metal shelves.

Complementary furnishings

Living room units are not only designed to furnish the room, but sometimes they also contain the good dinner service and glasses, or the large serving bowl. Or the teacups given as gifts by someone important. This is why, when thinking about how to arrange units in the living room, you can include elegant and useful elements in the project. This category also includes dressers and cupboards, which are usually put against the wall and adorned with mirrors, pictures, lamps or other elements so as to turn them into sophisticated supports for an additional light point.


This Exclusiva proposal features Pearl Grey door, Mink tone matt lacquered side panels and tops and chrome-finish handles with Swarovski crystals and Stopsol mirror wall panels. The brightness of this corner of the house will not go unnoticed!

A solution designed for maximum storage is this wall-mounted living room cabinet with splashes of colour, Flux Swing model. The Porcelain Cream matt lacquered finish with Mink tone of the open-fronted elements and the Biscuit Larch decorative melamine create a delicate composition despite the fact that it is a single furniture block.


Classically styled, the Madeleine Living Room can house tableware and china in a Kyoto Walnut structure with Chestnut door finished with screen-printed glass. Always a prestigious see-through effect.



How will you design the furniture for your Living Room? Visit a dealer to browse all Scavolini’s solutions.

How to arrange units in the living room