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How to furnish your hall

How to furnish your hall

5 ideas to transform your hall

First impressions are important, and this is also true of a home. Think about the entrance hall: isn’t this the first part of your home guests see when they walk in? The hall of your home is a little bit like a calling card, and if you want it to reflect your personality, then it needs to be curated just as much as (if not more than) your other rooms. So here are 5 tips to help you furnish your hall, transforming it from a simple hallway to a welcoming entrance.

1. Let there be colour

What’s your favourite colour? The hall is the ideal place to express yourself through colours. A wall painted in a pale shade or decorated with patterned wallpaper can immediately alter the vibes given off by the space. Indeed, remember that colour can affect your mood as you enter, so think carefully about your choice according to your goal: do you want to brighten up the space or soften it?

2. Lighting

How to light the hall? Lights are not just a functional feature. They are also essential from an aesthetic perspective. If on the one hand a beautiful ceiling lamp or a couple of floor lamps prove more stylish and suitable for rather generously sized halls, on the other wall lamps warm up the atmosphere in the same way, yet are perfect for furnishing a small or narrow hall.

3. Strategic mirrors

Placing one or more mirrors in strategic positions can help you make the hall appear brighter and larger. So stand a full length mirror on the floor or hang a series of designer mirrors on the wall: they’ll give you a chance to check how you look before you leave.

4. Hall furniture

A dresser or a console are both perfect furniture items for the entrance hall: with and without a storage compartment respectively (which can prove to be a good ally to keep your shoes tidy), they are both useful as a storage surface for your keys, handbag, mail… in short, everything you need to remember to grab on your way out. What do you make of the fantastic design of this furniture?

5. Decorations

To elevate your hall, small details can make a huge difference, for instance a vase filled with flowers picked at the park, or photos of your nearest and dearest, or even illustrations by your favourite artist.


However, the hall is also a passageway: so how about laying a hall runner to guide your guests through to the living room? As a rule of thumb, the shape of a rug should mimic that of the room, so if your hall is small and square shaped, we recommend you opt for a round rug, or pick a rectangular one if your hall is rectangular in shape.



Contact one of our dealers for more ideas on how to furnish your hall.

How to furnish your hall