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Modern country kitchen

Modern country kitchen

3 suggestions to generate the welcoming design of a modern country kitchen

Intended not just for the preparation of dishes, but also and above all for sociability, the kitchen is a special place which should be impeccably designed, down to the smallest detail, adding that warm and welcoming feel that everyone looks for in a familiar setting. So now country style is also making an appearance in more contemporary homes, bringing with it a taste for simple things: allow yourself to be inspired by these 3 simple tips for furnishing the perfect modern country kitchen!

Pick the right materials

Predominant in country homes, wood is making an entrance in city dwellings too, in the form of solid and sturdy kitchen cabinets, distinguished by natural and unrefined finishes, specifically wood effect. One alternative to the staple material used in country style furniture is definitely wicker, which also brings to mind the slow pace set by nature and romantic charm.


Now the question that springs to mind is: where does modernity fit in with all this? It all comes down to the ability to customise the composition, adding steel modules, replacing the classic display cabinet with mesh glass, accessorising the kitchen with the latest-generation appliances. The result: design and comfort all in one place.


A modern country kitchen is generally bright and loves to look onto the outside through huge windows: not an option where you live? No problem: to make the room more welcoming, fit a warm light bulb on a large designer ceiling lamp, modern wall lamps or steel lanterns fitted over the dining table.


Curtains, tea towels, cushions: vegetable fibres such as linen and cotton are prime picks for country style kitchens, opting for pale, soft hues, such as cream, ivory and sage. Generally, fabrics should be as simple as possible, fully embracing the less is more philosophy, the leading trend in contemporary furnishings: while curtains and tablecloths were once embellished with frills, ruffles and lace, these days fabrics are much softer with absolutely no frills, cladding a kitchen with a stylish silhouette.

Are you looking for more ideas for a modern country kitchen? Ask a Scavolini dealer!
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Modern country kitchen