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Movie night in your living room with Scavolini

Movie night in your living room with Scavolini

Here’s what you need to create a home cinema in your living room

What’s your favourite film genre? Whether you’re a fan of thrillers or prefer happy endings, from now on you no longer need to make your way to your nearest cinema to enjoy watching a film: with Scavolini you can set up your very own home cinema! Find out how to turn your living room into a private home cinema, to enjoy your favourite films just as though you were at your local multiplex but without having to go out!

What do you need to create a home cinema in your living room?

Here are a few furniture ideas and suggestions to create your dream home cinema.


Comfortable and spacious sofa


Let’s assume you already have a comfy couch: one of those roomy and super-comfortable sofas, with room for all your friends to sit and lay back for hours (try not to doze off during the film!). If you have enough room, why not add some reclining armchairs too? They allow you to lie back and adjust your position to find the perfect viewing corner: enjoy the show!

Coffee table


What kind of a home cinema would it be without popcorn? A must-have in any self-respecting lounge is a practical surface on which to place your remote control, drinks and snacks to nibble on during the film: so a coffee table proves functional to organise all the essentials and avoid having to make your way to the kitchen and back repeatedly, pausing the film in the best parts.

The right lighting


An inviting home cinema requires diffused lighting, to avoid distractions and be fully absorbed in the plot: any suggestions? By lighting lamps and candles, you can create a cosy and welcoming atmosphere, encouraging your guests to relax.

The TV cabinet


Big screen TV or projector? With Scavolini modular living rooms, you can organise the modules in a clever arrangement, setting up a composition with open-fronted wall units and TV units to house your big screen TV, or choose a low cabinet or a wall-mounted unit to leave the wall empty to project your favourite TV series or film straight onto the wall. Not bad for your home cinema, wouldn’t you agree?

Contact a Scavolini dealer to plan your home cinema in your living room!

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Movie night in your living room with Scavolini