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Must-have outdoor furniture

Must-have outdoor furniture

Have you got an outdoor space and need ideas on how to furnish it? Then read on!

Spending time outdoors is a wonderful way to enjoy the summer, relax and share memorable moments with friends and family. But how do you make your outdoor experience even more satisfactory and comfortable? We’ve compiled the top 4 must-have items to furnish your outdoor space, creating areas dedicated to your favourite pastimes: eating, chatting, unwinding and reading.

1. Weather-resistant outdoor furniture

The stars of any domestic outdoor area are without a doubt the items of outdoor furniture. It is essential that you pick these in the right materials: what are they? Materials that are weather-resistant and designed specifically for outdoor use, such as steel and veneer. As regards the layout, our advice is to place the largest piece up against the wall or in the centre and then move on to the accessories, in order to optimise the available floor space.


To keep everything within easy reach and avoid constantly having to go back indoors to pick up tableware or even a yoga mat, the ideal solution is to rely on shelving and storage units, capable of furnishing a convenient and highly functional space. Has seeing these photos of the new Formalia Outdoor collection inspired you to renovate the look of your green oasis?

2. Barbecue or grill

If you enjoy cooking al fresco, a barbecue or grill is a must in your garden or on your terrace: imagine the amount of barbecues you’ll be able to organise with friends and family, with the aid of latest-generation appliances. In fact, the great thing about outdoor kitchens such as Formalia Outdoor is that you can play with the combination of modules and appliances, putting together an outdoor kitchen of the same standing as the one indoors.

3. Sheltered relaxation area

Is it siesta time? Make space for comfortable armchairs and chairs, equipped with padded cushions and ergonomic backrests to deliver maximum comfort levels. To relax and settle down to read your favourite book, you could even consider adding a hammock or porch swing, to create the perfect relaxing atmosphere.


Remember that protecting your skin from sun exposure is vital to enjoy your outdoor space to the full: other outdoor furniture essentials include a parasol and awnings, which provide shade and even shelter from the rain in the event of a sudden downpour.

4. Lighting

A beautiful green space is also all about the lighting: the lights not only illuminate your table or relaxation area but also act as decorations, making your outdoor space even more magical. Our advice? Hang decorative lights onto tree branches or dot them around on the ground, using lanterns, candles or strings of LED lights for soft, romantic lighting. If you like the idea, you could also consider installing solar powered lights to save on your bill and help the environment too.

Must-have outdoor furniture