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Our most spectacular coffee tables

Our most spectacular coffee tables

A look at our Living room furniture with a focus on tables with a wow effect: surprising design for maximum sociability!

They are often chosen because there are practical, but coffee tables are above all elegant design elements you can proudly display, and can even become the focus point in an open space or in a bustling and busy lounge. For this reason, the most popular item of living room furniture is the one that reflects the aesthetics of the home and that brings together the different rooms, adapting to harsh everyday challenges. The core of its functions is definitely convenience and versatility, without forgetting about style and the peculiar aspects of this highly sophisticated item of furniture. Here are some examples of our showpieces, picked among our coffee tables. For that show-stopping effect at first glance!

Light on top!

In the sitting room, half-measures are unnecessary. When it comes to light, a lot is never too much. And tables and coffee tables that expand the natural light are ideal to draw attention to the right corners.

Tops made of reflective material are must-haves in coffee tables and in any modern or classic-contemporary setting. Whether it is glass or stone, Corian or Granite, Laminate or Dekton, the wow effect is guaranteed when the design has been studied to reflect the style and finishes of the room.

Even more effective is the cleverly designed combination to create unique combinations of materials for the table top and for the legs underneath it: aluminium and metal are an indispensable choice in an industrial environment, while at the same time able to fit in perfectly with a minimal design space.

Wood mon amour

Wood may seem a foregone conclusion, and it is almost taken for granted as a staple in the sitting room furniture. But when you’re looking for items of furniture that will stand the test of time without ever tiring you, naturally-inspired materials become a must! In coffee tables, warm materials merge with modern ones to give rise to unexpected effects to show off in the middle of the room. Wood is no longer just a functional and reliable material, but also a living design element that changes with its use and which is the perfect match for legs made from glass or in the same material, in this case strictly tone-on-tone.

Classic shabby style embraces wood and welcomes it with proposals featuring unusual silhouettes and non-stylised or geometric shapes: a leg that recalls the eccentricity of an apostrophe in total white tones, or one that refers to the Roman era and its ancient splendours, tells a story with an all-Italian personality.

The elegance of skill

When it comes to elegance, white often proves to be a winner in coffee tables. In recent years, new colour trends are also being developed, which paint the living room in unexpected shades and with unique combinations. Now on-trend is furniture that favours clean-cut silhouettes, colourful profiles that blend in with the rest of the furniture and exclusive legs in painted metal. The top is made of prized materials such as wood or with a wood finish and it reveals a strong personality in combination with metal: a very trendy cool mood is the most sought-after result for contemporary living room furniture. Young and original, designer tables overcome the usual restrictions of furniture to accommodate innovations and practical proposals in the home. Without forgetting that (above all) appearances also matter!

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Our most spectacular coffee tables