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How to furnish a free wall in your lounge

How to furnish a free wall in your lounge

There’s always a System to make the best of a living room wall. Here are 3 ways to furnish it!

In living room furniture, free walls can be used as partitions or they can house versatile furnishing solutions that actually shape the settings. Furnished or semi-furnished walls make it possible to create stylish and tidy living room furniture, using customisable solutions that make lounge life more enjoyable. Let’s explore in detail three solutions that help give you ideas on how to fill an empty wall in your lounge, improving the functionality of the room.

As elemental as wood

Living room furniture can embrace a host of different styles. With its industrial mood yet recalling the warmth of wood, the Metro Wall System offers its Anthracite coloured aluminium support for decorative melamine shelves with wood or concrete finish. The shelves are available in Landscape Oak Decorative Melamine or Anthracite colour Concrete Jersey. The wood effect on one side and the more modern concrete effect on the other bring to mind a new concept of industrial style: two aspects of the same system, that make an ideal match in any setting, yet which best express their essence in living room furniture, where they play host to family heirlooms and ornaments, or turn into everyday surroundings for your study-office corner.

The possibility of creating a hybrid and fluid setting is a distinguishing trait of the Sax model lounge furniture: versatile and packed with possibilities, it is designed best to clad every wall with plenty of functionality.

“Titanic” tidy

The impressive might of an empty wall can easily be countered by choosing living room furniture that’s a perfect fit. The Formalia “Status” Wall System with Titanium coloured structure and Garden Walnut decorative melamine wall panel exploits the entire vertical surface, to conceive unprecedented functionality and harmonious chiaroscuro effects for effective brightness.

An extra idea to make the wall more welcoming, without being an eyesore, is to use sliding compartments to conceal a minimal office corner behind doors that have been purpose-designed for hybrid settings. Whether you need to hide a TV screen or computer monitor away from view, the effect will be stylish and luxurious, just as in a custom-sized living room furniture solution. The geometrical arrangement of the visible compartments and the clever use of light make the entire composition balanced and tidy, creating totally modular living room furniture.

Free your Mind (and your living room)

Some people say your best ideas come to you in your sleep. But what if it happened while you’re sitting back in your lounge? Living room furniture takes on unprecedented composition style thanks to the solid proposals of the Fluida Wall System. This LiberaMente model living room composition combines sliding fronts in Delhi Oleomalta with Coffee Oak veneered wall panels. It features Show LED lighting cleverly positioned under the shelves where the partially see-through effect turns into an intriguing game of light and shadows, capable of furnishing the space with rigorous styling combinations affording fluid functionality. The storage management creates balance and removes all clutter for a mesmerising effect. Like an extremely refined evening gown for the free wall at the back of the room.

Have you already found the perfect solution for your living room furniture? Pop into one of our Scavolini stores to design your Living Room!

How to furnish a free wall in your lounge